Kissing Contestants and Winning Cars: Jack Black’s Eventful Day on ‘The Price is Right’

As part of Celebrity Charity Week on The Price is Right, Jack Black joined the show where he earned over $70,000 for the Society of Women Engineers. Black wasn’t actually playing the games, but instead tried to help contestants with their games. The very first contestant up didn’t listen to Black’s suggestion and won a Fiat convertible. Other contestants would have been wise to listen to him.

Another contestant actually listened to Black and won car because of it, while another would have won a year’s worth of free Lift rides along with a year’s worth of free concert tickets if only he had listened to Black’s suggestion.

There was one lucky contestant who didn’t even need to play a game to leave a winner. On his way down to the stage, Black gave this older man a hug, then laid a big wet one on his cheek.

Check out the horror movie Jack Black made with Yahoo!:

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