Kirsten Jordan Opens Up About Finally Starting Her Own Team

Kirsten Jordan Opens Up About Finally Starting Her Own Team

Kirsten Jordan recently took a major step in her career.

"After a lot of really hard conversations about the future, I have finally decided it is time to leave my old brokerage to jump on my own and go to Elliman and start my own team," she shared on the August 26 Season 9 finale of Million Dollar Listing New York. "I was at Douglas Elliman before, I loved being there the first eight years of my career. Elliman has the best infrastructure and the top-producing agents in the entire city."

"I spent way too many years holding back, thinking other people know how to do this better than I do," she said, adding through tears, "I just have to say that anybody who really wants to make it happen, you can, and you just need to believe in yourself and you need to spend the time. It's not going to happen overnight, but there's going to be a moment when you wake up and you say, 'Holy's real.'"

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As she began her new chapter, Kirsten declared to her new team, "This is such a big breakout for me and I do feel like a ton of pressure to do really well."

Before making the big decision, Kirsten got advice from Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant. "At some point, you get to a place in your life and your career where you want to do it your way," Fredrik said. Ryan declared, "The whole point of being in this business is to really build something on your own. So I think you're definitely at that point, you should do it."