King of the Hill to Air New Episodes on Hulu

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King of the Hill has been revived by Hulu.

Mike Judge’s beloved animated series first debuted on Fox in 1997, and followed propane salesman Hank Hill, his wife Peggy, their middle-aged son Bobby, and college-aged niece Luanne for 13 seasons.

The upcoming 14th season — marking the show’s first new episodes in 13 years — will air exclusively on Hulu, where the previous 13 seasons also reside.

Judge and co-creator Greg Daniel will executive produce the rebooted series alongside Saladin Patterson, who will serve as its showrunner. Judge will also lead the voice cast, with original cast members Kathy Najimy (Peggy), Stephen Root (Bill), Pamela Adlon (Bobby), Johnny Hardwick (Dale), and Lauren Tom (Lao) also returning.

There had been discussions about a reboot of the beloved animated series in 2017, but momentum stalled in the wake of Disney and 21st Century Fox’s Merger. In 2021, former King of the Hill writer Brent Forrester revealed renewed interest in a reboot, saying in a Reddit AMA: “I am sure Greg Daniels and Mike Judge will murder me for sharing this but… HELL YES. They are in hot negotiations to bring back King of the Hill. The Trump administration made it suddenly very relevant again. The characters have all aged 15 years. The project is sooooo good. Okay I’ve said too much :)”

Last year, Judge revived Beavis and Butt-Head for a new movie and an episodic series on Paramount+.

King of the Hill to Air New Episodes on Hulu
Alex Young

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