King Harris Declares Everyone Is Saying “Standing On Business” Because Of Him

King Harris has been in the spotlight for some time now, as he was once viewed as the kid with a huge personality on T.I. and Tiny’s Vh1 show, The Family Hustle. However, over the last few years, King has become more known for his public behavior, including being confrontational with his parents and voicing his opinions, unapologetically.

Owning some of those moments, King now wants credit for popularizing the phrase, “Standing on business.”

Last year, the aspiring music artist went viral when an argument with his parents was caught on camera. During the altercation, the 19-year-old could be seen tussling with his father before telling his parents that he “stands on business.” However, T.I. called his bluff.

The phrase has now been used all over social media for almost any situation that requires a person to declare their seriousness. Due to overwhelming X posts, TikToks, and IG captions made with the expression, King is now coining the phrase literally by selling T-shirts featuring the line.

In a video posted to LiveBitez, King promoting his new business venture.

“It’s time to stand on business,” he began. “I ain’t create it, but I’m the one that got everybody saying it. I ain’t create it. I’d be a liar if I said I created it. That sh*t’s been on years and years. When you ask who got the news saying it, who got ESPN saying it, who got football players saying it, who got kids saying it, who got everybody saying it, it’s me.”

See below.

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