'King Arthur' Star Charlie Hunnam Got Really Good — Maybe Too Good — at Swordplay

Charlie Hunnam excelled at the art of swordplay while starring as the rightful heir to the throne in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming action movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. “I got pretty nifty with that sword. I spent an enormous amount of time [on it],” Hunnam told Yahoo Movies on Wednesday at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

But Hunnam, who worked with Ritchie to experiment with new styles of sword fighting, may have gotten too good. The Sons of Anarchy alum admitted he hammered too hard at the hands of the stuntman standing in for his arch-nemesis in the film.

“I think I might have [hurt somebody],” he said. Hunnam was sparring with the stuntman, who stood very tall during the film’s climactic battle. “So I was having to fight up a lot, which makes it much more difficult. And that poor guy… His hands were pretty swollen at the end of every day working with me.”

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword opens May 12.

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