Kind Man Rescues Injured Eagle

Occurred on April 12,2021 / Willow, Alaska, USA Info from Licensor: "I was driving home and noticed a person pulled over so I pulled over because I saw the eagle(tucker) in the snow. The other person confirmed it was alive. I called the non emergency number and then the troopers. While on the phone, Brian pulled up to make sure we were okay and to block traffic cuz I was sticking out some. He realized I was on phone with troopers and got on the phone with his boss and the troopers approved for his help to rescue it. At first it went in fine, but then as I pulled away, the horn honked, and I turned around. It was the eagle that honked. We ended up emptying out my tote. We put a blanket on the bottom and then the eagle in jacket and then the lid and off they went to the sanctuary. It should recover but has an injured eye, lice and was malnourished."