Kimmel Says Losing Twitter Blue Check Is Like Losing His Virginity: ‘I’ll Just Be Happy I Didn’t Have to Pay For It’ (Video)

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Verified Twitter users have until this weekend to fork over eight bucks to the richest man in the world if they want to keep their blue checkmark. Jimmy Kimmel told his audience during his monologue on Tuesday night he’s not sweating it and compared losing his verification status to losing his virginity – he’s happy he didn’t have to pay for it.

“And oh, speaking of chatbots Elon Musk just announced that starting April 15th that if you want to keep your blue check mark you have to pay Twitter $8 a month,” Kimmel said. “Which will enroll you in an exclusive club of people dumb enough to pay Twitter, eight dollars a month.”

Kimmel added, “Those who got their check marks for free – will start losing them starting April 1. That includes me, I guess. I’ve had a check mark for many years. I’m not sure how I feel about this.”

“I think it’s gonna be like losing my virginity. No one but me will care, and I’ll just be happy I didn’t have to pay for it,” Kimmel joked.

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Musk, who in a leaked memo to employees recently revealed Twitter is now worth less than half of what he paid for it last October, announced last week that the “legacy” verification system is being scrapped on April 1. At that time, account verification — popularly referred to as “blue check status” — will be available only to people who pay for a subscription to “Twitter Blue.”

Musk has been threatening to do this since early November, just after he was forced by a lawsuit to take ownership of Twitter after trying to back out of the $44 Billion deal he previously agreed to. And just as long, critics have warned that restricting verification to only people who pay for it undermines the purpose of account verification.

Most notably, it will make it far easier to impersonate anyone who doesn’t pay Musk’s fee, something Kimmel talked about at length. He showed various fake pages who are impersonating him, but said now he’s unsure who’s his father because someone might be pretending to be him as well.

“And then we have this guy, James S Kimmel. Who’s not pretending to be me. But he kind of looks like my father, who is also James Kimmel,” Kimmel said. Actually, he looks a lot like my father who is also James Kimmel. But he’s not my father.”

Kimmel joked, “Alright, one of these men is my father. And now that Maury’s retired, I may never know which one.”

To watch Kimmel’s full monologue, click the video above.