Kim Zolciak Throws Mother Out of Wedding

Kim Zolciak Throws Mother Out of Wedding

It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, and Don't be Tardy for the Wedding star Kim Zolciak wasn't about to let her mother and aunt ruin it -- by using an indoor bathroom. So during the Bravo series' season finale, she summoned the cops and had her mother thrown out.

Kim married Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann on 11-11-11, with the groom carrying their baby son down the aisle. And all seemed a fairy tale, up until the reception when things got ugly.

Kim Zolciak & Kroy Play 'The Newlywed Game'

Kim had rented $5,000 per day luxury port-a-potties for her guests to use during her backyard wedding bash, and rent-a-cops to stop guests from trying to come in the house to use the indoor plumbing, but her mother, Karen, thought that that rule wouldn't apply to her and Kim's aunt.

After a loud verbal altercation between Karen and a security guard, in which Karen threatened to "burn the house down," she snuck in to the house anyway with her sister, where they hustled upstairs to quickly use the restroom. While in the bathroom, they apparently didn't realize they were mic'd, with Kim's aunt calling the bride "ungrateful" and a "bitch."

Kim Zolciak Gives Birth

Kim and Kroy weren't about to have anyone spoiling their personal toilets, even if it was her mother and aunt, not to mention disturbing their son K.J., who was sleeping in the house, and told Karen that she had to leave. When Karen refused, Kim did the only natural thing for a bride to do to her mother on her wedding day – she called the cops, who escorted an embarrassed Karen out of the reception tent.

Though the sky was the limit when it came to the budget, with cops tossing the mother of the bride out, it seems like it didn't end up being the classy affair Kim had been going for. Tell us in the comments -- was Kim right to send her mother packing?

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