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How Kim Possible's Christy Carlson Romano Inspired Her Character's Most Famous Line

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Here's the sitch: Christy Carlson Romano had a big impact on Kim Possible's life.

It's officially been 20 years since the release of everyone's favorite Disney Channel cartoon, Kim Possible. (And yes, we feel ancient as well.) In honor of the show's milestone, E! News sat down with Christy—who starred as the crime-fighting titular character throughout the Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle-created series' five-year run between 2002 and 2007—and discussed how she inspired a lot of Kim's characteristics.

"Bob and Mark had taken some inspiration from me multiple times while I was voicing Kim and they were developing her as an actual teenage girl," Christy said. "They were really good at trying to understand my point of view."

She continued, "They had asked me one time, 'Where, where do you shop? Where's your favorite?' and at the time, it was Club Monaco. And so they decided they would make her work at Club Banana."

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And that's not all: Kim's legendary catchphrase "What's the sitch?," that was all Christy.

"It was my idea," Christy revealed to E! News. "They had asked me, "What would you say if you were just talking to somebody like, 'Hey, what's up?' I was like, 'I don't know, what's the sitch or something.'

"There were a couple different things that were floating around," she continued, "but 'What's the stitch?' did kind of get bumped up."

Christy Carlson Romano, Kim Possible
Disney / Shutterstock

With all that in mind, it's hard to now learn that Christy almost wasn't the redheaded cheerleader-turned-crime-fighter. Specifically, Christy shared that, at the time, "a lot of people that felt very much outside of the typical Disney castings" were considered to star in the cartoon.

"There had been some talks with Alyson Hannigan," the actress shared. "I believe that Neil Patrick Harris was sort of a contender at one point, David Arquette might have been."

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And while it's been 20 years, old and new fans are still loving the show.

"It's all over Tik Tok. There are literally 786 like million hashtags of Kim Possible," the actress said. "It is thriving...and it's a lot of fun to reconnect with old fans, and a whole new generation that's getting exposed to it from their aunts and uncles and really cool parents."

Don't mind us, we'll just be binge-watching old Disney Channel shows until it's time for the 30th reunion. You can also get more behind-the-scenes secrets from Christy's new podcast with Will Friedle. Check it out here.

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