Kim Kardashian warns Drake not to 'threaten my husband or our family' amid his feud with Kanye West

Kanye West has called in the big guns during his feud with Drake: his wife, Kim Kardashian.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Twitter early Friday to put Drizzy on blast in two tweets sent out to her 59 million followers. She basically said that her rapper husband is a “genius” trailblazer, and without him paving the way, there would be no Drake. But she said it with KiKi flair.

The long-burning feud between the men exploded earlier this year after Pusha T’s Drake-dis track exposed his secret love child. Drake thought Kanye was the one to tell Pusha, who is on Kanye’s label, about the child’s existence. Kanye denied it. Then Drake seemed to hit back with his single “In My Feelings,” which included a line, “Kiki, do you love me?” which people assumed — and Drake didn’t deny — was about Kim.

But it really picked up again Thursday when Kanye posted a screenshot from “Free” that said, “Drake sent in a clearance request for ‘Say What’s Real.’ Do you wanna clear it?” While it’s Drake’s song, Kanye produced it, so Drake needs his clearance to sample it. That set off Kanye.

By “set off,” we mean that Kanye went off in a 17-tweet spree explaining why he wouldn’t clear it. He brought up Drake’s dis track against him — and said Drake shaded his sneakers.

Yeezy insisted he didn’t tell Pusha about the baby.

Drake is fighting with Kanye West. Again. (Photo: Michael Steele/Getty Images)
Drake is fighting with Kanye West. Again. (Photo: Michael Steele/Getty Images)

Kanye was also hot about Drake’s allegedly buying out the first two rows at a Pusha show in Toronto and paying fans to throw beer at him during the performance.

At the end of the whole thing, Kanye wouldn’t clear the song.

We guess Drake found this amusing?

Drake via Instagram
Drake via Instagram

But if Drake was laughing on the outside, he was fired up on the inside. Kanye claims Drake called to threaten him.

And Kanye said, among other things, that if something happened to him, police should look at Drake.

He was the one who first said that there would be no Drake without Kanye, the line Kim later borrowed in her defense.

Ye said he wanted to talk to Drake face to face.

But that didn’t really work. Then Kanye started mentioning his kids and urging Drake to leave his family alone.

And the tweets went on (you can see them all here). After Kanye mentioned his family being threatened, that’s when Kim jumped in to shut it all down.

But she may have encouraged it to blow up into something even bigger. Yep, we think it’s just going to become more explosive from here. Buckle up.

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