Kim Kardashian ‘Wants More’ Than a Booty Call With Odell Beckham Jr: She’s ‘Biding Her Time’

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Is that all there is? Kim Kardashian wants more than being Odell Beckham Jr.’s occasional gal. “They’ve hooked up multiple times over the past several months,” reveals an insider. “But Odell draws the line about anything more than super casual.” The insider adds that the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver “has given all the usual excuses about not wanting the limelight and needing to focus on his game.” (The 31-year-old also recently ended a serious romance with model Lauren Wood, mom to their 23-month-old son, Zydn.) Despite his excuses, adds the insider, the reality star keeps pushing to be more than a booty call: “At least go out to dinner with her!”

The 43-year-old was first reported to be spending time with Odell last fall, before attending his celeb-studded birthday bash in November. In early February, the athleisure mogul and NFL player met up for yet another rendezvous at Jay-Z’s Grammys bash.

Now the insider claims the mom of four, who’s been single since her 2022 split from Pete Davidson, is facing a tricky scenario. “She says their hookups are super sexy and fun, but she wants more,” says the insider. “On the one hand there’s this desire to give Odell an ultimatum, but she doesn’t want to come across as needy and drive him away. She’s been biding her time but it really does annoy her that he won’t even step out at Nobu! She’s between a rock and a hard place.”