Since Taylor Swift Released “thanK You aIMee,” Kim Kardashian Has Lost More Than 120,000 Followers On Instagram

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Thanks to a seemingly shady song on Taylor Swift’s new album, it looks like Kim Kardashian is still facing the repercussions of the infamous “snake-gate” feud all these years later.

Kim on the red carpet on a halter top dress
Variety / Variety via Getty Images

As a quick reminder, Taylor and Kim’s beef starts in 2016, when Kim’s then-husband, Kanye West, dropped a controversial song called “Famous.” On the track, he raps the line: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous,” — which is a seeming reference to when he interrupted her acceptance speech at the VMAs in 2009.

Taylor, Kanye, and Kim talking to each other at a media event
Kevin Mazur / WireImage

After the lyrics sparked a ton of backlash, Ye defended himself by posting on X — then called Twitter — that he’d sought Taylor’s permission for the name-drop before releasing the track. However, Taylor publicly denied that this was the case.

Taylor Swift performs on stage with a glittery top and a guitar

Kim then came to her husband’s defense by refuting Taylor’s version of events and subsequently releasing footage of Taylor and Ye’s phone call, which appeared to show that Taylor did approve the line after all.

Wait it's legit National Snake Day?!?!?They have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days! 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) July 17, 2016

Twitter: @KimKardashian

“Yeah. I mean, go with whatever line you think is better. It’s obviously very tongue-in-cheek either way. And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice!” Taylor could be heard saying in the now infamous phone call clip, which Kim posted on Snapchat hours after noting that it was “National Snake Day.”

With seeming evidence that Taylor had lied, many people on the internet swiftly turned on her as her social media accounts were flooded with snake emojis and the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty trended on X.

Taylor and Kim standing together enjoying a performance

In the years since, Taylor has referenced the feud multiple times, both in her music and interviews. Most recently, she told Time magazine that Kim and Ye’s “fully manufactured frame job” meant that her career was briefly “taken away” from her.

Taylor Swift in a sequined dress with sparkling earrings looking to the side

And while Kim hasn’t discussed the scandal since, it seems Taylor’s adamant that people shouldn’t forget how things went down — from her perspective, at least.

Closeup of Kim Kardashian
Lionel Hahn / Getty Images

The 24th track on Taylor’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology, immediately piqued fans’ interest with its unusual title, “thanK you aIMee” — mainly because the capitalized letters spell out Kim’s name.

Closeup of Taylor Swift

And as listeners delved deeper into the lyrics — which depict a high-school bully — speculation that the song was inspired by Kim and their infamous feud only became more intense.

Kim Kardashian poses on the red carpet with a sleek straight hairstyle
Axelle / FilmMagic

We obviously must first acknowledge that lyrical analysis is entirely subjective, however, along with the title, Taylor’s opening reference to a “bronze spray-tanned statue” was interpreted as a pretty pointed reference to Kim.

Kim Kardashian in high-neck, mirror-embellished gown at event

“When I picture my hometown / There's a bronze spray-tanned statue of you / And a plaque underneath it / That threatens to push me down the stairs, at our school,” the song begins, as she goes on to sing about the “searing pain” caused by the bully in question.

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

“All that time you were throwin' punches, I was buildin' somethin' / And I can't forgive the way you made me feel,” Taylor sings of her resentment for this individual. “Screamed, ‘Fuck you, Aimee’ to the night sky as the blood was gushin' / But I can't forget the way you made me heal.”

Taylor on stage singing into a microphone, wearing a sequined outfit

Later in the track, Taylor looks back on a conflict she deems was not a “fair fight,” and sings the line: “Everyone knows that my mother is a saintly woman / But she used to say she wished that you were dead.”

Kim Kardashian wearing a glittery outfit, smiling with her hand on her cheek
James Devaney / GC Images

However, one of the most talked about lyrics in the song is the seeming reference to Kim’s oldest daughter, North, who previously posted a video of her and her mom dancing to Taylor’s song, “Shake It Off,” on TikTok. She sings: “And one day, your kid comes home singin' / A song that only us two is gonna know is about you.”

Closeup of North West and Kim Kardashian

In the last chorus, Taylor switches up the lyrics, going from cursing Aimee to thanking her — which perhaps indicates that Taylor is now grateful for the controversy between her and Kim.

Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

Needless to say, fans online quickly began losing it over the alleged “diss track,” with one user writing on X: “[Taylor] really said ‘here’s 30 songs, and also fuck you Kim Kardashian.’”

She really said “here’s 30 songs, and also fuck you Kim Kardashian”

— ryan (@OhItsRyan) April 19, 2024

Twitter: @OhItsRyan

And now that the dust has settled on TTPD release day, it seems the song — regardless of whether it really was inspired by “snake-gate” — drove thousands of fans to unfollow Kim on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian wearing a zipper-front top, smiling off to the side
Nbc / Nathan Congleton / NBC via Getty Images

On the day of the album’s release last Friday, Social Blade indicates that Kim’s following dropped by nearly 53,000, and since then, even more users have followed suit.

Kim Kardashian sitting courtside in a top, jeans, and open-toe heels

For what it’s worth, Kim has not addressed the song. And while it’s unlikely that she will, we’ll be sure to keep you updated in the event that she breaks her silence on the topic.

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