Kim Kardashian’s latest thirst trap on vacation has people concerned: ‘You OK?’

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What was she thinking?

Kim Kardashian posted a seemingly innocent thirst trap photo on Wednesday, likely not realizing the dangers involved.

The reality star is in apparently on holiday in Turks and Caicos, about a 90 minute flight from Miami.

To promote her SKIMs summer bathing suit line, the 43 year old is seen in an Instagram video about to take a dive into crystal blue water.

Kardashian’s form is fine if she were, say, about to jump into a 10 foot pool. Her back is straight, arms extended forward, one hand on top of the other. The problem here is the water. It’s too shallow.

Don’t think a good chunk of her 363 million followers would just let that one slide. The comments came flooding in:

“Why is she diving in knee deep water?”

“Girl, where you jumping?”

“That pose defies the laws of gravity.”

At least a few expressed concern.

“She’s gotta concussion.”

“She won’t hit the sand with her head?”

“You OK after face planting?”

No response from Kim. But in subsequent posts, she was back showing off her SKKN care and telling everyone about her brand new app, so all seems well.