Kim Kardashian Would Be ‘Just as Happy’ Being an Attorney Full Time: ‘The Journey Just Really Opened Up My Eyes’

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Kim Kardashian says she would “absolutely” consider a life away from TV, adding that she would be “just as happy being an attorney full time.”

The remarks from Kardashian came as part of her larger conversation with Poppy Harlow amid this week’s Time100 Summit in New York City. During the 22-minute discussion, billed as a talk on “the power of influence,” the recently announced American Horror Story cast member was asked if she would give thought to, in Harlow’s words, “a life without the cameras.” Kardashian confirmed that she would, especially after what she’s seen in her work in the social justice space.

“Yeah absolutely,” she said around the 14-minute mark in the video above. “There’s a lot that’s always on Tv and a lot that’s always out there but I think my friends and my family know we really cherish a lot of our private times. I would be just as happy being an attorney full time and doing that. The journey just really opened my eyes to so much that it gets overwhelming because there’s so much to be done.”

A bit earlier into the chat, Kardashian joked about warning mother and manager Kris Jenner about retirement.

“I say, ‘Kim K is retiring and I’m just gonna be an attorney. So you can go help my siblings so you can still have a job,’” she told Harlow.

Kardashian also opened up about the case of Alice Marie Johnson, who was granted clemency under the Trump administration in 2018.

“To me, that was a few phone calls,” Kardashian said. “And that really struck me that, you know, however it was done it was done—I’m so grateful—but the system, that process, has to change.”

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Earlier this month, Kardashian announced she would be taking on a role in the upcoming 12th season of American Horror Story. While a release date hasn’t yet been revealed, the new season is expected to debut at some point this summer.

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