Kilowog and Kyle Get an Amazon Exclusive Figure 2-Pack

In brightest day, in blackest night… two Lanterns appear on Jeff Bezos’ site! Let all who crave exclusive toys: grab that preorder and rejoice! McFarlane Toys’ latest exclusive DC figure two-pack pairs Green Lanterns Kyle Rayner and Kilowog together for combined battles and sight gags. Kilowog looks the size of a mega-figure, while Kyle looks the usual seven inches. At $69.99, this set is priced like an exclusive — these previously might have sold separately for $40 and $20 individually — but they do each come with more accessories than the norm. McFarlane Toys is clearly trying to add some value as prices inevitably rise.

Exclusive Greenlit!

Unlike previous two-packs that came with small base dioramas, sometimes without foot pegs, these figures include the standard circular figure stand and some extra gear. Kilowog gets his power battery and a big hammer, while Kyle includes removable samurai-style armor and two different swords, along with his battery and an extra hand for holding. Collectors of the ’90s Total Justice line may get flashbacks to the very first Kyle action figure, which included translucent “Fractal Techgear.” (It also launched discs because that’s what toys did 30 years ago.)

Kyle Rayner became the regular Green Lantern of Earth for a stretch after Hal Jordan went psychotic and became the evil Parallax. Very few major changes in comics stay permanent, but for a while, it looked like he might stay in that role for good. Kilowog is the drill instructor of the Green Lantern Corps, immortalized onscreen by Michael Clarke Duncan in the no-longer canon film starring Ryan Reynolds.

Pre-orderers won’t have to wait long — the Green Lantern two-pack is set to become available starting March 31st, and no fooling, the first orders should arrive April 1st. Take a look at some images down below, and get your order in if you don’t want to be your own shade of green with envy.