Killer Mike Finds Power In “Talk’n That Sh*t!” With New Video

Killer Mike has returned with a new video for, “Talk’n That Sh*t!” directed by Seck and released on Thursday (Oct. 27).

Mike’s new music video takes the viewer on a tour through the beauty of Atlanta’s Blackness, highlighting strip clubs, gun ranges, restaurants, parking lots full of dancers, and youthful hangout spots featuring joyous kids.

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The DJ Paul-produced single incorporates a beat switch, transforming the track three times, becoming increasingly slower as the track progresses. As the title implies, the activist’s nearly three-minute song finds the Atlanta mainstay talking that sh*t, showing love for his hometown and southern Hip-Hop. The rapper also boasts authenticity while dabbling in politics in true Killer Mike fashion.

“You a leach, I’m a leader/ Humble down we ain’t equal/ Kill yo masters slap yo sifu/I’m rich rollin’, true blue regal/ I keep a stick don’t take sh*t and that 223 is lethal/ Black bourgeoise hate me/I’m too cool, AC,” Killer Mike brags on the track. “I don’t give a f**k if weed getting legal if none of my ni**as ain’t free Ay/ I don’t give a f**k who the president is if the president ain’t for me/ You ain’t never met a ni**a like me/I’m a bad ni**a I’m Stagger lee/I’m a Morehouse man Spike Lee.”

The rapper, née Michael Santiago Render, described the song in a press release for the track as something to “stay lit” to “in spite of all the f**k sh*t.”

“The song is self-explanatory. With the video, I wanted to show the freedom and beauty in being able to turn up in spite of all the f**k sh*t,” the rapper explained. “That upsets the bourgeoisie even more—in spite of all your criticisms, we’re gonna live free and stay lit.”

“Talk’n That Sh*t!” follows his recently released “RUN” single, which marked his first solo release in a decade. Mike is also gearing up to release his first solo LP since 2012’s R.A.P Music, which featured T.I., Bun B, El-P, and more. His upcoming LP is currently untitled and has yet to be given a release date.

Watch the video above.

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