Kill More Reveals Its Sci-Fi Twist in This Exclusive Comics Preview

Image: Max Alan Fuchs and Valentina Briški/IDW Originals

A city on the edge of ruin. Detectives on the hunt for the killer behind a mass murder spree. Colonia is going to need all the help it can get in Scott Bryan Wilson and Max Alan Fuchs’ Kill More, a dark new murder mystery crime series from IDW... with a spacebound twist, as io9 can exclusively reveal.

As you might be able to peg from the name, the futuristic, dilapidated city of Colonia in Kill More is actually none other than a Mars colony, which adds a whole other layer of mystery to the situation. Even more so when the situation is “oh god why is everything so messed up here?” followed by “why are there so many murderers killing people here?” and, perhaps most crucially mysteriously of all “why are said murderers called names like ‘Lady Facesmasher,’ ‘The Sufferer,’ ‘Talking Head,’ and ‘The Obituary Machine’?”

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“Kill More fits the broader guidelines of speculative fiction. We concern ourselves less with an examination of scientific possibilities, and more with playing out a drama of humanity’s future,” Fuchs added. “Our goal is to depict a society leaning hard into the tendency for violent entropic collapse. Kill More shares these themes with the Mike Judge masterwork, Idiocracy. It would be hilarious, if not for all the corpses.”

Image: Max Alan Fuchs and Valentina Briški/IDW Originals
Image: Max Alan Fuchs and Valentina Briški/IDW Originals

The pages above from the first issue reveal Kill More’s colony setting; you can read more when the 10-part series begins September 13.

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