Kieran Culkin's Critics' Choice Awards speech goes off the rails: 'I'm just dying up here'

Kieran Culkin won Best Supporting Actor Sunday at the Critics' Choice Awards for his role as Roman Roy in HBO’s Succession and proceeded to give an epically bad, but highly entertaining, acceptance speech. The actor stated at the outset that he hadn’t prepared anything.

“I was just telling Jeremy [Strong, his co-star] how I really hope they don’t say my name,” Culkin said. “I was really looking forward to that relief of not having to say anything. I have not prepared anything, so anything can come out.”

And anything did come out. Culkin managed to acknowledge Succession creator Jesse Armstrong, the writers and his co-stars, then went on to divulge some information about two of them: Sarah Snook, who won Best Supporting Actress, and Matthew Macfadyen.

“Fun fact. Snook’s last name is actually pronounced Snoook, but I just can’t do that. Right?” Culkin said. “Another fun fact. Matthew Macfadyen’s name is David. I’m just droppin’ bombs here. It’s true. Look it up. I’m just talkin’ now. I’m just saying things … and stuff.”

Viewers loved the off-the-cuff speech.

But all good things must come to an end, which came as a relief to Culkin.

“I’m just dying up here right now. So — yeah, please, wrap it up. You’re right,” Culkin said to someone off camera. “I should have done that, like, 30 seconds ago. I should have walked up here and said ‘Thanks’ and then walked out because now I’m just making an ass of myself. But, yeah, thanks, you’re never gonna do this for me again. Thank you.”

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