Kieran Culkin explains why his 'Succession' co-star threw a drink in his face

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Succession star Kieran Culkin joined The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday, still wearing his Roman Roy costume because he’d forgotten to bring extra clothes for the appearance, and he explained why co-star J. Smith-Cameron threw a drink in his face while they, among others, were having dinner on Monday. Smith-Cameron had already been feeling insecure about her age following a table read earlier in the day.

“We just finished doing a table read, like, the fourth episode, and she was a little upset,” Culkin said. “She goes, ‘You have a joke about my old age. There’s always so many jokes about how old I am.’”

Succession co-star Sarah Snook gave Culkin the opportunity to have some fun with Smith-Cameron’s insecurity.

“You know, she was insecure about being old, and later on we’re having dinner, and Sarah Snook is saying, she’s like, ‘You know, men’s ears and noses never stop growing, so as they get older, they have long ears.’ I said, ‘You sure that’s just men?’” Culkin said, mimicking pointing at Smith-Cameron. “And J. goes — she goes, ‘Why are you pointing at me? What? What?’ And I was like, ‘No, no, no. You have long ears. Were they always that way? Or were they…’ Still I don’t have the drink in my face. That’s not — That’s early on in the dinner.”

As the night wore on, Culkin took every opportunity to push Smith-Cameron a little further.

“Later on, the restaurant is getting more and more full, so it gets harder for her to hear,” Culkin explained, “so she just keeps having to ask, ‘What’s funny? Why are they laughing? What did he say?’ And I was like, ‘You got all that ear, and you can’t hear?’ Still no drink in my face. Still no drink in my face!”

After the dinner, Smith-Cameron posted a series of tweets telling the world that she’d just thrown a drink in Culkin’s face, along with a picture of the two of them after the incident.

And Culkin explained why he really did have it coming.

“We get the check and everybody’s getting ready to go,” Culkin said. “She goes, ‘What’s happening? What are we doing?’ And I take her hand, I go, 'We're going now. We're all going home. It's 8 o'clock. Thank you so much for staying up late. We appreciate..,'" Culkin loudly and patronizingly said to his co-star. And that's when Smith-Cameron had finally been pushed to the edge and threw her drink in his face.

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