Kids Should Be Wearing Cloth Face Masks to School — Here Are 32 Places You Can Buy One Online

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Personal protective gear is a new addition to back-to-school lists this year. With many schools across the nation reopening for full-time or partial in-classroom learning this fall, it’s crucial that kids have a good face mask or face shield on hand. In fact, many school boards are making them mandatory for all students and staff. This is a new practice people are adapting to in order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Though it’s said that children are less susceptible to the virus, the Centers for Disease Control still recommends that children over the age of 2 wear a face mask when leaving the house. According to its website, “cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.”

Due to the high demand, many companies have started to produce reusable cloth face masks. And luckily, finding one that’s the right size for kids is becoming a lot easier for parents. As a reminder, medical-grade masks should be reserved for healthcare professionals and other frontline workers.

Here are 32 brands and retailers selling reusable cloth face masks for kids:


Amazon has a large selection of kids’ face masks, including both reusable and disposable — like these one-time-use coverings parents say their kids can wear with “no complaints.” If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly option, these masks from Lanair Wellness are still in stock. They’re made from two layers of 100 percent cotton fabric that can be washed and worn multiple times, creating less waste. If your kids love animals, these $10 masks feature adorable animal noses and faces and have hundreds of positive reviews.

Buy It! Lanier Wellness Adult & Kids Reusable Face Covers, $13.42;; Grifil Zero Washable Reusable Kid Dust Cover Scarf Bandana with Filter Pocket, $9.99;


The popular department store is chock-full of adult and kids’ face coverings from a variety clothing brands, along with some of its own. Parents can choose between this four-pack of Nordstrom face masks that are tightly woven from 100 percent cotton fabric and designed with pleats to provide full nose-to-chin coverage, while this assorted set comes with four cotton masks with built-in filter pockets — both retail for $18. Masks are expected to arrive between September 8 and September 15.

Buy It! Nordstrom 4-Pack Kids' Pleated Face Masks, $18;; Nordstrom Assorted 4-Pack Kids' Face Masks, $18;

Old Navy

Old Navy’s kids’ face masks were recently upgraded with a new print that makes them even cuter: adorable critter faces. The masks resemble animals, including a lion, shark, pig, kitten, and more, and are available in three-packs for just under $10. Similar to its original reusable three-ply mask, they’re made from 100 percent cotton poplin for comfort and effectiveness. All of Old Navy’s critter coverings and most of its original face masks are available to ship immediately, depending on the print selected (we love this pack of five with corgi prints!).

Buy It! Old Navy Variety 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks for Kids, $12.50;; Old Navy Variety 3-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Critter Face Masks (with Laundry Bag) for Kids, $9.50;


When it comes to celebrities’ favorite face masks, Masqd has undoubtedly become the go-to brand. Jennifer Lopez, Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, Bella Hadid, and Olivia Wilde are just a few of the A-listers to sport a Masqd face mask over the past few months. And the label also sells options for kids, too. They’re made from a soft, certified-antimicrobial material and feature a metal nose wire that can be adjusted for a secure fit on the face, along with stretchy fabric loops that won’t irritate the ears. Each one has a pocket for optional filters for added protection, which can be purchased separately from Masqd as well. The brand is also selling a Back-to-School pack of five masks for $60 (valued at $75).

Buy It! Masqd Blue Camo Face Mask, $15;


The company best known for its crayons is now selling rainbow face masks for adults and kids in collaboration with retailer School MaskPack. They’re conveniently available in colorful packs of five (one for every day of the school week) for just under $40. Each one is made from a dual-layer fabric and designed with adjustable ear loops for comfort. As an added bonus, each pack comes with a mesh laundry bag for your washer along with a name tag, so you can keep track of which mask your child wore which day. According to the description, the Crayola kids’ masks should fit children ages 3 to 11. A pack should arrive within one week from Amazon.

Buy It! Crayola Kids Face Mask, 5 Pack, $38.89;


The Hilary Duff- and Chris Pratt-backed brand is known for its one-of-a-kind stuffed animals that turn into comfy hoodies — and the company’s kids’ face masks are just as unique. Introducing: Mask Buddies, a 100 percent cotton covering that can conveniently be folded into a wristband that resembles some of Cubcoats’ popular characters, like Flynn the Fox, Syd Syd the Shark, Dayo the Dinosaur, and Uki the Unicorn. Each mask measures 6.6 inches wide and 4.7 inches tall and comes with a metal nose piece that can be shaped to fit more securely over your child’s face. You can get one Mask Buddy for $12.99 or a pack of three for $24.99. Cubcoats also sells regular cotton face masks for kids that feature more of its best-selling animals, and they’re available on its website or on Amazon. If you purchase from Cubcoats, they are expected to ship four to seven business days after your order is placed.

Buy It! Cubcoats Mask Buddies 3-Pack, $24.99;;; Cubcoats Face Masks 2-Pack, $12.99;;


Zazzle has thousands of disposable and reusable face masks for kids and adults available on its website. They’re decorated with funky patterns and prints to make the idea of wearing a mask in public a little less scary for kids. You can also customize a face mask for your child by uploading a photo or adding their name. If you want an extra protective layer for your child, Zazzle has a huge offering of face shields, too.

Buy It! Dinosaur Smile Kids Cloth Face Mask, $12.95;


Many Etsy sellers have put their regular business operations on pause to craft handmade face masks. There are over 500,000 face masks available on Etsy as of this writing, 286,000+ of which are designed for children in fun, friendly patterns. Prices and shipping dates vary based on the seller, but most masks are priced under $15 and available to send within a few days.

Buy It! Children’s Face Masks, $8–$15;


The Los Angeles-based clothing company’s adult face masks have been a popular choice among celebrities, likely because they come in stylish cheetah and camo patterns. They’ve been worn outside by stars like Ben Affleck and his girlfriend, Ana de Armas, along with Alessandra Ambrosio. The brand has a slew of fun kid-sized PPE masks, too, designed to fit children ages 2 to 10. You can pre-order a pack of five reusable kids face masks for $25, and if you want matching face masks for the whole family, Sanctuary’s popular bundle of PPE masks comes with five masks for adults and five for kids.

Buy It! 5 Pack Kids Fashion PPE Masks, $25;


Disney is selling $20 four-packs of cloth face masks for kids decorated with some of its most popular characters, like Baby Yoda, Mickey Mouse, the Hulk, and Stitch. And, of course, there’s a pack with Disney princess prints. Packs are available in sizes small, medium, and large, and shipment dates vary based on the one you select for your child.

Buy It! Star Wars Cloth Face Masks 4-Pack Set, $19.99;


The Gap-owned athleisure brand has several options when it comes to face masks for children. Parents can choose between this pack of three masks that have more contoured fits, so kids can play in them, or this pack of five wire-free masks; both are made from polyester and spandex materials for comfort and breathability. Each style has adjustable ear straps and also comes with an optional elastic back strap that provides additional support and can help relieve pressure from your child’s ears. Both options are available to ship immediately.

Buy It! Athleta Girls 5-Pack Non-Medical Face Masks, $30;; Athleta Girl Athleta Girl Made to Move Mask 3 Pack, $25;

Uncommon Goods

The company known for its not-so-common items is now making one that has become in-demand over the past few months. Uncommon Goods is selling kids’ face masks with fun rainbow prints that were designed by kids themselves. Each one measures 7.25 by 3 inches and is recommended for children ages 4 to 12. A pack of two retails for $25, and all the profits are being donated to Americares.

Buy It! Children's Rainbow Face Coverings - Set of 2, $25;

The Sis Kiss

The popular accessories company, which is often worn by Carrie Underwood, is now selling customizable kids’ face masks with a black-and-white graphic print that can be colored in using fabric markers. Each mask retails for $12 and is ready to ship immediately. The Sis Kiss is also selling a three-pack of antibacterial hand sanitizers that contain 75 percent alcohol, which meets CDC guidelines.

Buy It! TSK Graphic Mask, $12;


Vistaprint launched a collection of machine-washable kids’ face masks that are designed with a three-dimensional chin structure, a nose bridge, and adjustable straps to ensure they fit every face and stay secure all day long. Plus, they’re engineered with a replaceable filter system that’s designed to block airborne contaminants without trapping moisture. Available in a slew of fun patterns for both adults and kids, the masks are available for $13 and will arrive within two to three weeks of your purchase.

Buy It! Vistaprint RFS Mask, $13;

Los Angeles Apparel

The ethical and eco-friendly company started producing face masks early on, and now, Los Angeles Apparel’s masks are highly raved about for their comfort and style — they already have over 5,600 five-star reviews! Made with 100 percent cotton fabric, the masks are super breathable and have an adjustable nose piece that can form to the contours of the face. Unlike most face masks, which feature elastic ear loops, these have two elastic straps meant to be worn around your neck and head that can be tied and tightened for a more secure fit. Its smaller, kid-sized masks are currently available in packs of three for $30 and come in three colors: black, heather gray, and royal blue.

Buy It! Los Angeles Apparel 3-Pack Cotton Mask for Kids, $30;


Vida is selling protective face masks designed to fit adults and children ages 5 and up. Each mask is crafted from two layers of 100 percent cotton fabric and features a multi-layer PM2.5 filter for added protection. While the masks are reusable, keep in mind that the filter inserts should be replaced weekly. What’s more, the masks come with a metal nose piece and adjustable ear straps to ensure a snug fit around the face. You can choose between 12 different colors and an eight-pack, four-pack, two-pack, or individual mask. Note: Vida’s masks are expected to ship within one to three business days of purchase.

Buy It! Vida Protective Masks 4-Pack, $36;


Gap’s non-medical face masks quickly sold out after launching in May, but they’re back in stock and now come in dozens of new prints and styles. Its most popular triple-layer masks are available for both adults and kids and are made from three layers of 100 percent cotton poplin. They feature stretchy over-the-ear straps and an adjustable wire at the nose for a more comfortable and secure fit. You can order a pack of three kids’ face masks for $15 and they’ll ship immediately.

Buy It! Gap Kids’ Face Mask 3-Pack, $15;


Onzie is making reusable face masks for kids ages 5 to 10 years old that can be used on their own or as a cover over an N95 or filtered mask. Each one is made from multiple layers of the brand’s upcycled spandex fabrics used to craft its yoga apparel, so they’re not only comfortable and breathable, but also quick-drying. The kids’ masks come in an array of funky prints, like cheetah, camo, and floral. You can get an assorted pack of two for $20, so it’ll be a fun surprise to see which ones you receive.

Buy It! Onzie Mindful Masks for Kids — Assorted 2-Pack, $20;


The celeb-love denim brand launched reversible face masks in early June, and they were ranking on Amazon’s best-sellers list. Made from 100 percent cotton that’s machine-washable, they come with a cord that ties around the head for a more secure fit. There are two different sizes available — small for kids (5.5 inches tall and 7.8 inches wide) and large for adults (6.5 inches tall and 9 inches wide). You can get a pack of three Levi’s face masks for just $16 on Amazon.

Buy It! Levi's Reusable Reversible Face Mask Pack of 3, $15.99;

Sock It to Me

The company known for its cool socks and underwear started crafting fun face masks for the whole family. They’re knitted from soft and breathable antimicrobial copper-infused fibers, which the company says can be more effective and protective than standard cotton masks. The Sock It to Me masks feature elastic ear loops and a bendable nose piece for a contoured fit. They come in some of the brand’s best-selling designs, like this Slice of Life pizza print that you can match with its Pizza Party socks. You can order one for $14.99 and expect it to ship immediately.

Buy It! Sock It to Me Slice of Life Face Mask, $14.99;

Society of Threads

Apparel manufacturer Society of Threads is selling three- and six-packs of face masks for both adults and kids that are available to purchase online at Macy’s. The reusable masks are made from 100 percent cotton and feature a bendable nose piece, an inner pocket for a filter, and ear loops that can be adjusted by the ring for a more secure fit against the face. You can snag a pack of six kids’ face masks for $25, which shakes out to just a little over $4 per mask.

Buy It! Society of Threads Kids Unisex Face Mask Floral 6-Pack, $25;

Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack’s children’s face masks were so popular, they quickly sold out after launching. But the good news is they’re back in stock! Made with leftover fabric from the manufacturing process, the masks come in some of the brand’s most-loved prints in packs of two for $12. Plus, for every pair of face masks purchased, the company will donate $5 to Baby2Baby.

Buy It! Janie and Jack Fall Floral Face Mask 2-Pack, $12;


NxtStop, the brand known for its functional, stylish clothing and accessories that are specifically designed to fit your travel needs, is offering two types of face masks for both adults and kids: cotton and bamboo. The company says its bamboo face masks are by far its best-selling ones thanks to the material’s soft, breathable qualities. Each mask features stretchy ear loops with a stopper to ensure a comfortable fit, along with an adjustable nose wire designed to help the mask stay in place for as long as needed. The NxtStop face masks are available in four different colors on the brand’s website and on Amazon. You can snag the bamboo version $14 or the cotton mask for $10.

Buy It! NxtSTOP Face Masks in Bamboo, $14;; NxtSTOP Face Masks in Cotton, $10;

Honest Company

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company started selling stylish face masks for adults and kids. Think: a mommy-and-me matching moment. Each one is made from a soft 100 percent cotton material and features stretchy ear loops with adjustable silicone sliders for comfort, along with a bendable nose piece for a more secure fit. There’s also an interior lining that's designed to fit a filter if you choose. Each two-pack of kids’ masks costs $23 and comes with one playful pattern and one coordinating solid color.

Buy It! Honest Company Kids Cotton Face Masks 2-Pack, $22.99;

Lele Sadoughi

Lele Sadoughi is known for its iconic pearl headbands that are loved by influencers and celebs alike. But the brand recently started selling face mask bundles (loved by Busy Philipps), including options for kids. There are five different packs to choose from, each featuring two soft cotton face masks in kid-friendly prints with adjustable ear straps for $25. Our favorite is this set with a butterfly charm-embroidered mask and a tie-dye one.

Buy It! Lele Sadoughi Set of 2 Lucky Charm Kids’ Face Masks, $25;


The celeb-loved brand, known for its affordable, trendy accessories, recently added kids’ face masks to its lineup. Like its adult version, they’re made from two layers of soft and breathable cotton fabric and feature adjustable ear loops that offer a more secure and comfortable fit. Each one measures 6 inches wide by 4.85 inches tall when the pleats are completely open. Parents can choose from a pack of two BaubleBar kids’ face masks for $12 or this single colorful sequin mask for the same price.

Buy It! BaubleBar For Your Mini Adjustable Face Mask Set of 2, $12;


Everlane has been dropping new trendy face coverings for adults on the regular, but its latest launch is designed for kids ages 3 and up. They’re made from a double layer of 100 percent cotton fabric and have comfortable, stretchy ear loops. Parents can order a pack of five masks for $25 for their kids and a matching set for themselves for the same price.

Buy It! Everlane The 100% Human Kid Face Mask Five-Pack, $25;

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer's colorful floral prints have been transformed into adorable face masks for kids. Each machine-washable covering is made from the brand’s exclusive fabric that’s knit from meryl nylon yarns for optimal comfort. The elastic ear straps can be adjusted like a backpack strap for a more comfortable fit. Grab a pack of three kids’ masks for $48 before they sell out, like the adult versions did.

Buy It! Lilly Pulitzer ChillyLilly Kids Face Mask Set, $48;


Cat & Jack and Universal Threads, two of Target’s exclusive clothing brands, released face masks for kids in July — and they are some of the most affordable options we’ve seen, ringing in at just $4 for a pack of two. Both brands’ masks are made from a 100 percent cotton fabric and come in a variety of fun patterns that are perfect for little ones, like unicorns, sharks, and dinosaurs. There are still plenty of options available (our favorite is this set with a rainbow mask and a solid pink one), but at such good prices, they’re likely to sell out.

Buy It! Cat & Jack Kids' 2pk Cloth Face Masks, $4;


Redbubble is known as a platform for independent artists to sell unique, everyday products. You can pretty much find everything from apparel to home decor to stickers there, so it makes sense that Redbubble is now selling face masks, too. There are over 33,000 options for kids, so there’s sure to be a design your child loves wearing — one of our favorites is this taco mask. The masks retail for $10 to $13, and for a limited time, you can save 20 percent when you buy four.

Buy It! Redbubble It's Taco Time! Kids Mask, $12.49;


The Meghan Markle-loved brand is selling a pack of kids’ face masks that have already worked their way up its best-sellers list. They’re made from a double layer of comfy cotton material and have elastic ear straps, plus a pocket for removable filters (not included). Parents can nab a pack of two J.Crew face masks for $16.50 for their kids, along with a stylish pack for themselves for $18. But you’ll want to hurry because there aren’t many left!

Buy It! J.Crew Kids' Pack of Two Non Medical Face Masks, $16.50;


The popular baby and kids’ clothing manufacturer is selling some of the most affordable face coverings we’ve seen on the market: Carter’s individual “Kiddo” face masks are going for just $3! Each one is made from a 100 percent cotton poplin material that’s soft and breathable with easy on-and-off ear loops. There are three adorable patterns to choose from.

Buy It! Carter’s Sports Face Mask, $3;

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