The kids are not alright in new Lullaby trailer

Oona Chaplin in Lullaby
Oona Chaplin in Lullaby

Dear film and television directors everywhere: please, please stop giving Oona Chaplin babies to raise! The first one didn’t exactly go according to plan. Remember Robb Stark’s doomed, pregnant wife Talisa from Game Of Thrones? The one who got stabbed in the stomach, over and over and over again? Yeah... that Oona Chaplin.

Lo and behold, she doesn’t seem to be faring any better in her most recent chance at motherhood. Well, not unless they cover What To Do When Your Infant Son Is Possessed By An Ancient Demon in the parenting books.

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In Lullaby, a new movie from Annabelle director John R. Leonetti, Chaplin plays an unnamed mother who has apparently never watched a horror movie in her life, in addition to skipping every single one of her parenting classes. When Chaplin’s character finds a creepy lullaby in an ancient tome, she makes the completely logical conclusion that she should sing it to her child to lull him to sleep and all will be well. Spoiler alert: all is—obviously—not well.

Lullaby - Official Trailer

In some wonderfully on-the-nose, classic horror dialogue, a friend of Chaplin’s lets her know that parents used to sing their children lullabies to keep an ancient demon named Lilith away, but now for some reason, they summon her instead. Not only that, but now that Chaplin has “opened the gateway” she’s “coming for the children.” Specifically, Chaplin’s child, who gets a wonderfully low-budget CGI makeover halfway through the trailer.

Other than that, the trailer features a few broken mirrors, a generic plea that the demon can only be stopped through “faith,” a scene underneath the sheets of a bed that breaks every known law of physics, and a bunch of running around in a dark underground corridor à la Barbarian (which will hopefully serve as an inspiration for many more horror flicks to come.)

Lullaby may not end up being the latest horror film to catch the attention of Martin Scorsese, but amidst all the holiday movies surrounding its winter release date, we may just need something a little spookier to cleanse our palates.

Lullaby is available in theaters and on demand December 16.

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