Kid Cudi Receives Backlash After Deleting Soundcloud Exclusive Song

Kid Cudi has responded to backlash after he deleted a fan-favorite song from his Soundcloud — after the fan admitted they liked it better than the album version.

On Wednesday (Nov. 9), Cudi took to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the “toxic” fans who were mad at him and the decision to delete “Love” from his SoundCloud. He expressed that the people who were mad at his decision and couldn’t respect it were “showing who they truly are.

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The “Cleveland is the Reason” artist also clarified that this isn’t “a rant,” and that he would be happy when he finally is done making albums.

“Anybody switching up and talkin sh*t about me taking off my song on Soundcloud thanx for showin who u truly are,” Cudi expressed. “Its one of the reason I dont want to do music anymore. (Some) fans can be toxic and not cool sometimes. And this app really be showin some of yall true colors.”

“I’ll be happy when I stop makin albums so I dont have to deal w this madness anymore.”

Then, fans began to criticize the rapper, legally known as Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, for responding to the backlash.

Twitter users pointed out that Mescudi was “publicly shaming” a fan because they liked a specific version of his song. Several began to criticize the emcee for his behavior, agreeing with the initial sentiment.

“You’re publicly shaming someone who just appreciates your music, you’re the one that’s switching up,” one user expressed. “Kid Cudi should love all his fans not pick and choose because of the music platform they use.”

“Kid Cudi took love off Soundcloud cuz a fan said they enjoyed that version more than the official release… dude lame af for that.”

“You’re having a Ye caliber breakdown cause one of your fans was streaming a song on the wrong platform?? Then blaming your fans cause you can’t take accountability???,” another fan tweeted out in response.

On Sunday (Nov. 6), Kid Cudi expressed his desire to close the chapter on his “Kid Cudi” moniker with one last album.

Cudder expressed that he’s working on an LP that would satisfy his day-one fans, but that the project would arrive in 2024 at the earliest.

“I’m doing one more album, and then I’m done with my deal, and not sure what ima do after that, but yea, one more,” Cudder tweeted. “Won’t be next year. Keep u posted.”

“This is for all my fans that have been riding w me for so long. This will be all-new music. The songs I’ve teased I’ll probably put out as singles here and there to hold u over.”

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