Khloé Kardashian confirms she had a nose job: 'No one's ever asked me'

On part two of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion hosted by Andy Cohen Sunday night, Khloé Kardashian opened about all those plastic surgery rumors.

It's no secret Khloé has been the most targeted Kardashian when it comes to body-shaming on the internet, the worst rumor being that Robert Kardashian is not her biological father since she doesn't look like her sisters Kim and Kourtney.

On Sunday, Cohen asked Khloé what has been something that is always written about her that's just not true. Khloé answered, "Well, for me, everyone says, 'Oh, my gosh, she's had her third face transplant.'" Khloé then opened up about the plastic surgery she has gotten, as she shared, "But I've had one nose job, Dr. Raj Kanodia. And everyone gets so upset. Like, why don't I talk about it? No one's ever asked me. You're the first person in an interview that's ever asked me about my nose. I've done, sure, injections. Not really Botox. I've responded horribly to Botox."

During the reunion, Khloé also shared that she was actually super confident and secure before KUWTK, but the narrative viewers and the media created of her being the "fat and ugly sister" is what led to her developing the insecurities she struggles with today.

"When the show first started, I was very secure. Very secure. And then, during the first couple seasons, I became insecure because of the public, um, opinions of myself. Then I had, I think, a good run of being secure, and then, I think recently, I've become now insecure again. So I guess it just goes... You know, up and down," said Khloé.

Cohen asked Khloé, "Did you feel like Kim and Kourtney received preferential treatment because of the way they looked?"

Khloé responded, "Oh, 100%. We did so many photoshoots where they would receive racks and racks of clothes, and I was told by so many different stylists, I was given about two or three pieces of clothing, that's it, and not to worry 'cause I'll be in the background anyway. Like, I wouldn't be in the forefront. It would always be them two and me behind them. So, not even, it was never a question. It was a fact, and it was very blatant, as well."

Part two of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion aired Sunday June 20th on E!

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