KHL defenceman makes humiliating mistake that leads to costly goal

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A rough sequence of events for Mamkin. (Photo via @CompleteHkyNews/Twitter)
A rough sequence of events for Mikhail Mamkin. (Photo via @CompleteHkyNews/Twitter)

The good news for Mikhail Mamkin is that his season can only go up from here.

On Tuesday, the Spartak Moscow blueliner attempted to clear the puck out of the defensive zone from behind his net. Unfortunately for Mamkin, his attempt produced one of the funniest giveaways you'll ever see on a hockey rink.

That's a major yikes.

Instead of clearing the puck, Mamkin whiffed on it, kicked it, and turned it over directly to SKA Saint Petersburg forward Andrei Kuzmenko, who then fed it to Anton Burdasov for the easy goal. 

At first glance, it looked like Mamkin stepped on the puck, but on the replay, you can see that he started falling before he made contact with it. 

What makes matters even worse is that this marked the first goal scored in the game and held up as the game-winner. SKA Saint Petersburg tallied another to walk away with a 2-0 victory.

Mamkin is a veteran in the KHL with 11 years and 457 games played to his name, but silly mistakes sometimes happen to the best and most experienced in the sport.

I'm sure at some point he'll be able to look back and have a good chuckle at the whole thing.

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