Key Glock returns with new "Jigsaw" single

key glock
key glock

This Thursday (Nov. 17), Key Glock will unleash PRE5L on the one-year anniversary of Young Dolph’s passing. The EP will continue the story from Glock’s “Proud” tribute to Dolph from earlier this year. To prep fans for the project, the Memphis-born rapper released “Jigsaw” today (Nov. 16). On the new track, he teamed up with Tay Keith to deliver a hard-hitting preview that set the tone for PRE5L:

“Ayy, I don’t f**k with n***as, ’cause these n***as act like h**s, yeah, homicide gang, roll suicide doors/ Uh, heater on my waist and my heart so cold, I’m a big dawg (Yeah), this b**ch say she want some Glizock on her lip gloss (B**ch)/ My b**ch b**chin’ ’bout another b**ch, I cut that b**ch off, they like, ‘Boy, you crazy’/ Spent six figures on a wristwatch (Yeah), cutthroat La Familia, I’m the point-guard like Chris Paul (Chris Paul, b**ch), Paper Route business”

Glock’s last project, Yellow Tape 2, was released back in November, complete with 20 hard-hitting cuts and zero features. A few months ago, the “Ambition For Cash” rapper circled back to release the official deluxe version, upgrading the well-received body of work with 10 new tracks. The Paper Route Empire artist has since treated fans with music videos for songs like “No Choice,” “Grammys,” “Pain Killers,” and “Something Bout.”

Outside of his own releases, Glock can also be heard on recent collaborations like “Ungrateful” by Megan Thee Stallion, “Standin’ On Top of S**t” by Jay Fizzle, “Whatever” by Icewear Vezzo, Gucci Mane’s So Icy Gang: The Re-Up, and “Blood All On It” with Gucci and Young Dolph.

Be sure to press play on Key Glock’s brand new “Jigsaw” music video down below.