Kevin Smith says 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' is happening soon — hopefully with Mark Hamill

Kevin Smith has had a roller coaster year, thanks to a life-threatening heart attack in February, which, he has subsequently said, is the best thing that ever happened to him because it forced him to finally get in shape. Down 43 pounds since the incident, Smith is back on his feet and ready to get back to work. And at San Diego Comic-Con, Smith told Yahoo Entertainment about his upcoming plans — which include a return to the characters that initially made him famous.

Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy in San Diego (in the video above), the writer-director revealed that he’s working on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which will be a sequel to 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Preproduction on the project begins in August, with a shooting start date in November, and its story will involve Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith) venturing to Hollywood to stop a do-over version of the movie previously made about their lives. Smith says he’s immensely relieved to be able to get the project off the ground, since he feared — during his brush with death — that his career would end on a less-than-successful note. “The only thought I had when I was having a heart attack, when I was on the table — I had no regrets about life, the closest I had to a regret was this: I was like, ‘F***, I wish we had made that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie because now, when I die, the last movie I will have made is Yoga Hosers. Like, f***! I gotta erase that!’”

As for whether or not the sequel will, like its predecessor, be rife with guest spots from his Hollywood friends, Smith admits that “it’s a big cameo affair.” Among those appearances, he hopes, will be Mark Hamill, who played laser sword-wielding supervillain Cocknocker in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: “Mark has threatened that he must be in it, so believe me, I’m going to include him in it as well.”

Smoking weed before his heart attack, may have saved Kevin Smith’s life. (GIF: tumblr)
Smoking weed before his heart attack, may have saved Kevin Smith’s life. (GIF: tumblr)

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