Kevin Patrick: I Loved My Time With WWE, I Left Very Amicably

Kevin Patrick
Photo Credit: WWE
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Kevin Egan formerly known as Kevin Patrick, discusses his time with WWE.

Kevin Patrick started working with WWE in March 2021. After initially working as a backstage correspondent and host, he later transitioned into a role on commentary. He joined SmackDown in 2023, and when Michael Cole moved to RAW, Patrick and Corey Graves were left as the SmackDown commentary duo. After a brief run together, Patrick was removed from SmackDown and released by WWE in January.

Speaking with Rick Ucchino on 700WLW, Kevin Patrick commented on his departure from WWE. (h/t Rick Ucchino of Cageside Seats for the transcription).

“Absolutely loved my time with WWE,” he said. “Nothing but love for everybody there. I’ll look back on my time there brilliantly, and I know I’ll go visit friends when WWE is in town, I’ll go say hi to everybody. I left very amicably with everybody there.”

Kevin Patrick Talks Transitioning From Soccer To WWE

Before he joined WWE, Kevin Patrick had plenty of experience calling the action for Major League Soccer. During his interview with Ucchinino, he was asked to describe the most difficult part of the transition from soccer to WWE.

“It was understanding the psychology of the moment and trying to figure out, okay, what’s the goal of this match?” Patrick said. “When I think about the differences, or the common denominator between wrestling and soccer, storytelling is the common denominator.

“Whether it’s Roman Reigns and Randy Orton or whether it’s [FC] Cincinnati and Columbus [Crew], and ‘Hell is Real’ [nickname for the I-71 rivalry in MLS], there are stories that need to be told. You need to find your level of excitement at certain moments. That crescendo can happen certainly in a pro wrestling match, and then in a soccer match.”

Kevin Patrick Calls His Time With WWE ‘Epic’

Additionally, Kevin Patrick commented on the chaos that was often talked about during the last few years of Vince McMahon’s tenure, with last-minute script changes becoming a routine occurrence. Patrick emphasized that he thought the chaos was fun. He also stated that he would look back on his time in WWE with fond memories.

“That’s the best part. Chaos is fun,” Patrick said. “When it’s organized chaos, for most people in broadcasting, that’s what I love. That’s what I absolutely love. And that was the case with WWE. It will be the case with MLS 360 as well. There are always chapters in our lives and I think for me, the WWE chapter was an epic one.

“I’ll always look back on it with nothing but great memories, but it was time. It was time for me personally. I knew it was time to turn the page. And with this exciting offer on the table to go all in on [MLS 360], it’s just so exciting for me.”

Following his WWE exit, Kevin Patrick landed a new role with MLS. More information is available here.

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