Kevin Jonas Says Daughter Alena Is 'Loving' School So Much That She Wouldn't Skip for His Concert

kevin jonas and daughter

danielle jonas/ instagram Kevin Jonas and daughter Alena

After having his 7-year-old daughter Alena homeschooled for a year and a half, Kevin Jonas tells PEOPLE she's back in traditional school and "loving" it — so much so, that she recently turned down an offer to skip a day to come to one of his Jonas Brothers concerts.

"I said, 'Hey Alena, you want to skip school tomorrow and come with dad to the concert?' " Kevin recalls. "She said, 'No, dad, I have school tomorrow.' I don't know if I would've had the same response as an almost 8-year-old!"

Kevin, 33, credits his wife of almost 12 years Danielle — with whom he also shares daughter Valentina, 4 — as the reason why Alena is already "so responsible."

"It all goes back to her mother and the way she was raised," he says. "I did some things, but it's all Danielle."

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Currently on the Jonas Brothers' Remember This tour with brothers Nick and Joe Jonas, Kevin says his family was able to come see him during his recent dates in New Jersey, where they live.

"It's been a blessing having them come out and be a part of it," he says. "It's just so nice that we have the ability to have our family together."

As for the girls' favorite Jonas Brothers songs, Kevin says that "for a long time" it was "Sucker." But more recently, they've been loving "Who's In Your Head" and "Leave Before You Love Me."

Even though he has to perform in other states on tour, Kevin says that when possible, he'll "fly to a show around 7 p.m., do the concert and then fly back home."

"I'll be in my own bed by 1 or 2 a.m.," he says. "It's been a beautiful thing. But balancing that has been tough, especially when I want to get up and bring the girls to school but my body is saying, 'Absolutely not.' "

"It's hard, they're in school, and they're at the ages now where you can't just say, 'Alright guys, forget everything and just come along for the ride,' " he continues. "It's not as easy when they will be behind when we're touring, but luckily Danielle knows how to hold it down. She's been a huge support and understands my rest schedule along with my ability to do the honey-do list when I am home."

Kevin Jonas birthday

Kevin Jonas/Instagram Kevin and Danielle Jonas

While at home, Kevin says that he and Danielle, 35, try to keep life as normal as possible for the girls.

"I do the best I can to always include them in everything we do and make them understand that what we get to do is very special," he says. "At the same time, life at home is just as special. It's a hard balance to find, but they know that when I'm home, I'm home with them. It's about putting the phone down. It's about taking that time and taking the moments."

One of their favorite things to do at home is to make pizza together, a perfect activity for October as it's National Pizza Month.

"I married an Italian girl, and I'm Italian myself," he says. "So every Halloween my wife's mother will make homemade pizza. I grew up having my mom and my grandmother on my mom's side make homemade pizza, so me and Danielle love making it now. We're not the greatest yet, but we're working on it."

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In preparation for Halloween, Kevin says he'll be flying home overnight after their last tour stop at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Oct. 27, Valentina's birthday. "We're kind of using [Halloween] as her birthday party this year, which will be really wonderful," he says.

As for his favorite part of being a girl dad, he says it's "all of it."

"I grew up with four boys in the house," says Kevin (who, along with Nick and Joe, has brother Frankie). "So I'm getting to relearn what young women want in their life from an early age, which is so cool to see because I didn't experience it. It's all new to me — definitely not to Danielle, but it's all new to me, which is pretty awesome."

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Despite how busy their schedules are between the kids and their careers, Kevin says that he and Danielle always make time for "date night."

"She'll come out and spend one special night in one city with me on tour," he says. "We'll have dinner before the show, either just us or with some friends we haven't seen. It's just a way for us to connect even though I'm away, and then we're back into our regular rhythm. We really try to even just sit down on the couch together. Honestly, some of our favorite times are when we sit on the couch and watch a show that we haven't watched in a while together."

Until the end of the tour later this month, Kevin says he'll be making the most of every moment on stage.

"Some of these songs are 15, 16, 17 years old, and it's crazy that we're still doing this and having love and support from the fan base and new fans," he says. "We've gone through quite the journey as the Jonas Brothers and the Jonas family, but it has been so rewarding, and I don't think I would change it for the world. I think it's really only just the beginning, and we are ready for whatever's next."

As to whether a Taylor Swift collaboration (as teased on TikTok by Nick) is in the near future, Kevin is staying mum.

"All I'm saying is I love pizza and pizza month is here," he says slyly. "So I will leave it at that!"