Kevin Jonas Had to Choose Between Demi Lovato & Miley Cyrus’ Music: Here’s What He Said

Kevin Jonas had a tough decision to make on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night (May 14) during a round of host Andy Cohen’s popular “Plead the Fifth” game with the Jonas Brothers.

“Which former Disney star has the better music catalogue? Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato,” Cohen asked, to which Kevin gave a diplomatic response. “We wrote the first album for Demi, so I would say us because, then, we’re included,” he said, with Nick giving his older brother a round of applause for the response. For those who didn’t know, Jonas brothers wrote and produced most of Lovato’s 2008 album, Don’t Forget, which featured hits like “La La Land” and “Get Back,” and even had a Jonas Brothers collaboration called “On the Line.”

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The JoBros also have a personal connection to both Disney darlings, as Nick famously dated Cyrus and Joe dated Demi.

Meanwhile, Lovato has been outspoken about some of their difficult experiences growing up in the Disney Channel bubble, which they called “Disney High.” Earlier this year, it was revealed that Lovato began directing their very first feature film, which will stream on Hulu sometime in 2024. Along with Nicola Marsh, the pop star will co-direct Child Star, a Hulu Original documentary film that promises to “deconstruct the highs and lows of growing up in the spotlight through the lens of some of the world’s most famous former child stars,” according to a release.

Watch the Jonas Brothers play “Plead the Fifth” on Watch What Happens Live below.

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