Kevin Hart Facing Backlash For Recent Comments To Lil Nas X

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Hart's Getting It From All Sides

Kevin Hart's been having a rough time lately. Besides breaking his spine in three places after a recent car accident, the actor and comedian has also come under fire for comments he made during an appearance during HBO's "The Shop: Interrupted."

Nas Scored It Big With 'Old Town Road'

During the conversation, Lil Nas X, who scored a massive number 1 hit with his trap/hip-hop anthem "Old Town Road," spoke about coming out as gay after his song made it big.

Hart's Been In Trouble For This Before

"He said he was gay. So what!" said Hart during the conversation.

Hart seems to be saying it's no big deal to be gay, but many saw his words as just another instance of homophobia.

Here's Why It's a Big Deal

When asked why he thought he needed to come out when he did, Lil Nas X said, "It's not that it's like (I'm) being forced.... Knowing like, growing up... I'm growing up to hate this sh-t."

Hart says "Hate what?"

"Homosexuality. Gay people," Nas answered.

Hart asked "why?" barely giving Nas a chance to talk.

Lil Nas X then took Hart down, saying "C'mon now.. . if you're really from the hood you'd know."

Applause To Lil Nas X

"Sadly we DO have to 'announce' it. But straight people announce it to. They’ll casually mention 'my girlfriend' or 'my wife.' They have pictures of their family on the desk (to remind us they’ve had sex) and take out announcements about their engagements in the news paper," said @doctorjasun.

People applauded Lil Nas X for holding his ground.

"I’m just in love with Lil Nas X, look at how he handled being in a room full of homophobic snakes. The class he has. The flavor he has. I love it," says @mindlesssheep_.