Find Out Who Kevin Hart Caught Cheating on Celebrity Game Face

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Celebrity Game Face always brings the laughs, and Thursday, Sept. 10's episode was no exception.

The latest round of celebrity pairs to join host and executive producer Kevin Hart on the E! special included Loni Love and her boyfriend James Welsh, Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll, and Kelly Osbourne and brother Jack Osbourne.

As per usual, each team played a number of hilarious games—from "Mouthing Off" to "Hit 'Em Up"—all in the hopes of earning money for the charity of their choice and the coveted (at least in Kevin's eyes!) Hart of a Champion trophy.

Plus, dancing duo Allison Holker and Stephen "tWitch" Boss also made their return to the show in order to once again judge the hilarious "TikTalk" challenge!

To catch up on everything else you missed, including Loni threatening to break up with James, Erin enlisting the help of friend and fellow sportscaster Charissa Thompson and the Osbournes' cheating scandal, check out all of the funniest Celebrity Game Face moments below!

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Trouble in Celeb Game Face Paradise

A single round of "Fill in the Blank" may or may not have ended a relationship!

As part of the game, Kevin posed questions to each team and instructed one partner to write down what they think their partner's answer would be. First up: The annoying habit of mine that drives my partner crazy is [blank].

Loni was clearly feeling confident as she wrote, "Nothing."

James, however, had a much different answer: "I'm gonna say farting."

Cue a death stare from Loni!

"You will see a full break up after this," she told him, much to the amusement of her fellow contestants.

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The first of the episode's two cheating scandals—yes, two!—occurred during "Mouthing Off," a game that consists of one team member trying to get their partner to say certain words. Though this sounds relatively easy, the contestant charged with repeating the words actually has to do so with a mouth full of whipped cream!

Each set of words falls under a particular category, and Kelly and Jack definitely had an advantage when theirs turned out to be "superheroes," as the latter is apparently very knowledgeable.

But when Jack was able to decipher nearly every word Kelly said, Loni pointed out that he had failed to refill Kelly's mouth after each word, as initially instructed.

An instant replay was ultimately required, but the clip wasn't that damning: Kelly's mouth was only partially full a single time.

Still, the Osbourne duo ended up losing a point!

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LOL Worthy Lifeline

"Hit 'Em Up"—in which contestants call a  friend or family member to get them to say words selected by the other teams—never fails.

All of the rounds on this week's episode ended up being hilarious, as Erin called Charissa Thompson with the assigned words "pubes" and "dominatrix," Loni phoned her The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon and her husband Israel Houghton with "circumcised" and "slurp" and Kelly called her friend Daniel Nguyen with "suppository" and "g-spot."

Cheating Scandal Pt. II

As part of the"TikTalk" challenge, one team member watches and verbally describes a TikTok dance, while the other has to carry out the moves using only their partner's directions.

All of the men were elected by their partners to do the dancing this time around, and for awhile, everything seemed to be going well. Erin and Jarret's dog even made a couple of appearances!

However, Kelly noticed something that everyone else missed until an instant replay was once again requested: Erin had actually acted out a dance move instead of describing it.

"Erin don't apologize for doing what you planned on doing, which is cheating!" Kevin yelled while the others laughed. "The Osbournes don't play that cheating s--t and neither do I!"

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Ruined Redemption

Were Erin and Jarret able to make up for the discrepancy later on by taking home the Hart of a Champion trophy? Not exactly.

During the scavenger hunt challenge, Kevin read the clue, "If you need to light a fire, I could help you start it, or use me in the bathroom, to cover if you farted."

Kelly and Jack, along with Loni and James, both brought back lighters.

But Erin and Jarret? A candle.

Then, following the announcement of the next clue—"You put your fingers in me to keep them protected. Wear me and your prints won't be detected."—it was clear that the duo had lost all hope for a comeback, as they presented the group with oven mitts while everyone else had gloves.

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The Trophy Goes To...

So who took home the big prize? Loni and James!

Kevin, as always, was eager to give the pair their trophy: a giant, gold baby.

"I'm very serious about this award," the comedian told the group. "That's me when I was a baby right there...If you look closely on the face, you'll see a little goatee."