Kevin Hart Calls Himself Iron Man In New Workout Post, And I Honestly Think He’s In Even Better Shape

 Kevin Hart in Borderlands.
Kevin Hart in Borderlands.

We all know how good friends Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are. The pair have made several movies together and reuniting for Jumanji 4 is still possible. But hanging out with The Rock probably makes one feel like they really need to be in shape. Whatever motivation Hart uses, it’s working, as the star recently posted a gym video where he calls himself Iron Man, and honestly, he looks like he might be made of iron.

Actors always hit the gym to get into shape when a role calls for it. Any actor who has needed to play a superhero has done it. But I’m pretty sure Robert Downey Jr. never looked like Kevin Hart does right now. Hart doesn’t need a metal suit to look like he’s invulnerable. His recent Instagram video, which appears to be a promo for the men’s activewear he’s got on, shows just how good he looks, and while he may not have reached Dwayne Johnson levels quite yet, the next time these two are in a movie they could absolutely both play the tough guy. Check it out.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen that Kevin Hart has been hitting the gym. We know he trained hard to be in shape to play a soldier as part of the Borderlands cast, but the picture of Hart's abs that he posted back then doesn’t even look as good as he does here. It’s unclear if Hart had always been working out like this, or if perhaps this video is specifically prep for another role. A lot of actors who get into the habit of working out for a part end up discovering that they love the gym lifestyle and it becomes part of their everyday life. Hart may be one of those people.

Hart may also be working out to ensure that he doesn’t find himself in a wheelchair again. Last summer the actor found himself in a friendly race with former NFL star Stevan Ridley and Hart ended up injured and in a wheelchair as a result. At the time he said the problem was that he tried to do “young stuff” implying that his age was getting to him. Here Hart is feeling very differently, as he specifically calls out his age, making sure everybody knows how old he is when they see how good he looks.

We’ll get to see what a buff Kevin Hart looks like when the Borderlands release date arrives this summer. If the movie is a hit and spawns a franchise, which we have to assume is possible, it could mean a lot more time in the gym for the actor, but based on this it doesn’t seem like Kevin Hart would mind too much. Maybe Dwayne Johnson should be worried.