Kevin Gates Aims “To Just Be A Blessing” Amid Those Viral Moments

“Who cold? I don’t get cold,” Kevin Gates asserted to VIBE after we questioned his bare chest in the chilly open venue of Los Angeles. The 2023 Rolling Loud festival’s designated press area lacked the heat of a bustling crowd as media and talent gathered in small numbers behind the scenes on Saturday (March 4) afternoon.

“This cryotherapy for me,” he explained while wearing an unbuttoned white shirt ahead of his performance before a crowd of thousands. As he prepares for the stage and his setlist, the Baton Rouge, La. native goes with the flow and caters to the audience’s energy.

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“I just meditate and lock in and focus and I innate with gratitude,” he shared.

DDG and Kevin Gates in Love Myself Video
DDG and Kevin Gates in Love Myself Video

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When it comes to those viral moments, the 37-year-old is no stranger. Interview clips, dance breaks, and song snippets often find Gates at the center of a trending topic. His recent revelation of mixing “the Maca with Ashwagandha” on the carnal track “Breakfast” has made rounds on social media.

Still, the rapper creates music on his terms, unphased by how the internet will react.

“I follow my heart and when you follow your heart you always win,” disclosed the “Really Really” artist. “To be honest, I believe in living in my truth and by living in my truth, whatever you decide to make a sound byte that’s on you, I don’t even really pay attention to it. That’s not my mission statement. My focus is to just be a blessing to the people. That’s been a blessing to me.”

In September 2022, the rapper revealed he lost over 100 pounds since he adopted a new lifestyle. Aside from creating music and engaging with fans, Gates has been open about his health journey.

“I’m going to be honest with you. It’s not about working out, it’s about celebrating what your body could do,” elaborated Gates, smiling confidently and flexing his physique. “This is a journey like this four, five years in the making. It’s a lifestyle…And it’s not about just changing overnight, it’s about making those subtle changes and your thoughts.”

Before wrapping up our time, the “I Don’t Get Tired” musician shared encouragement for anyone attempting to make a lifestyle change.

“Enjoy the journey,” he said. “It’s the most humbling experience ever because when you work hard for something, you going to have a different type of attachment to it…Set small goals for yourself. I walk one mile next week, I walk two or next a mile and a half. It’s just, you know, stay there, adding progress long as you see yourself progress and that’s the biggest reward.”

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