Kendall Jenner slammed for Halloween birthday party

Kendall Jenner rang in her 25th birthday over Halloween weekend with 100 guests at a rooftop bar in West Hollywood. Unfortunately, it seemed as though Jenner knew that she was making a poor decision. partygoers captured cards that were scattered throughout the party saying: “Take all the photos you want, but please do not post on social media of any kind”. It was even Jenner’s own sister, Kylie, who was providing most of the photographic evidence of the evening to the public. “Shame on these rich ignorant kids,” someone commented. “You’re acting like there’s no virus out there!!!!!!!!!!!” another added. The most terrifying footage from the night was of Kendall receiving her birthday cake. it depicted the birthday girl blowing out candles and startling an employee working the party who was wearing a mask. “It’s the poor man literally trying to gtfo the way from Kendalls blow for me,” someone tweeted in response