Ken Paxton spending Texas tax dollars on Donald Trump’s FBI stunt needs investigation

Evan Vucci/Associated press file photo

Wasting Texas tax dollars for politics

Thank you for the excellent editorial on Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. (Sept. 23, 17A, “Paxton butts in again to help Trump in court”) Our tax dollars are paying scores of lawyers in Austin to indulge Paxton’s sycophantic fetish for former President Donald Trump. This abuse by Paxton should be tackled in court by one of our capable district attorneys — or better yet, a U.S. attorney.

It takes hundreds of hours to write a 21-page brief, even if it is insipid, with “no particular insight or argument” in the editorial’s words, and filed with absolutely no standing. Those hours would be much better spent to help the residents of Texas who have been scammed out of millions of dollars.

A place to start might be the Texans who contribute in response to bogus Trump fundraising emails.

- Chuck Noteboom, Fort Worth

A road hazard made much safer

Thanks to the city of North Richland Hills for painting the ends of medians yellow. It’s a godsend for us old folks when driving at night. More cities should follow its lead.

- Gary A. Good, Keller

Scalia knew gun rights have limits

Robert Henneke’s Sept. 23 column “Raising age to buy rifles would violate Constitution” (17A) ignored the words of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who said the right to bear arms is not absolute. He said that the Second Amendment’s language allowing citizens the right to own weapons doesn’t mean people can carry any weapon anywhere they want.

We have an epidemic of gun violence, and it is the duty of our elected officials to figure out a way to stop it. Reasonable people know that young people shouldn’t possess or carry semi-automatic weapons and that no one should be allowed to purchase a gun without a background check or carry without a permit.

Henneke’s demands are ridiculous and will do nothing to stop the epidemic of gun violence our country has endured for years.

- Marsha Fishman, Lantana

Immigration must be limited

A Sept. 18 letter under the subheadline “Dehumanizing cruelty” clarifies how much misinformed liberalism can affect perspectives.

Our nation was built with immigration, but all comers were not allowed throughout our history, even during times when our country was vastly expanding. Government benefits were limited. Immigration should be merit-based and limited to those who can contribute to America and have passed physical and background investigations.

- Kenneth M. Sapp, Granbury

Climate change affects health care

The Sept. 16 story “Climate change jeopardizes health care services, report says” shows how climate change-related events such as fires, floods and heat waves affect hospital systems across the nation. Since the 2021 winter storm, Texas hospitals are on notice that climate-driven weather emergencies will be more frequent and catastrophic.

As a family physician, I believe that to ensure access to health care, addressing climate change is a top priority, both in emergency preparedness and in ending fossil fuel dependence. Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics can lead the way by investing in solar-panel installations with battery backup, reducing consumption of single-use plastics, and recycling and reusing where possible.

The health and wellness of our communities will face dire consequences if we do not change course.

- Jessica Edwards, Austin