Kelsea Ballerini Has Travis Kelce Thinking About Changing His Last Name in ‘SNL’ Promo

It remains to be seen if Super Bowl champ Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has what the comedic chops to play ball as host of Saturday Night Live this weekend. But in the promos for tomorrow night’s (March 4) show, he’s definitely game, yukking it up with musical guest Kelsea Ballerini about a possible merger of their famous names.


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“Kelsea you should change your name to Travis, so you can have Travis Kelce and Kelsea Travis,” cast member Heidi Gardner helpfully suggests. “Or, maybe he should change his first name to Ballerini, I don’t know,” the country star counters.

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Kelce doesn’t hate the idea, putting his hands above his head in a delicate manner and admitting, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina,” he says with a spin as the women give him props for his good form.

In a second promo, Gardner asks the New Heights podcast host and smash-mouth player if he’s ready for prime time and he notes that, “football isn’t that different from SNL, we’re working under a lot of pressure.” Gardner kind of gets it, but when Kelce notes that football also features a musical guest and cue card reading she’s confused. “And it airs at 11:30 and I’m in a bunch of wigs and Chloe Fineman is always there,” he assures her.

“Travis, I don’t know if that’s right,” the SNL master of impressions shoots back. “Okay, I get hit the head for a living so I’ll take that as fair game,” Kelce explains in a bit that skirts the edge of funny given the serious brain injuries suffered by a number of NFL players.

Gardner blows the whistle repeatedly on Kelce in a third bit in which she tells him he can “do better” while introducing this week’s lineup, working him like a relentless comedic position coach.

First-time host Kelce definitely got his reps in this week, also appearing in an earlier promo in which he dresses as Indiana Jones and channels the legendary bit in the original film. In his version, Kelce-as-Indy tries to swipe a statue of the SNL logo by replacing it with the championship Lombardi trophy the Chiefs earned by beating the Philadelphia Eagles in last month’s Super Bowl LVII.

Check out the promos below and watch SNL on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET.

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