Kelly Rowland reveals the Whitney Houston song that got her into Destiny's Child

Devon Fleming and Maharasyi were floored by Jennifer Hudson's guest advisor, Kelly Rowland, on The Voice, and the former Destiny's Child star really made baby boy lose his breath. As Devon and Maharasyi were walking into the studio, they both collapsed when they saw Kelly. Following their dramatic entrance, Davon said, "We just saw Kelly Rowland, and we did fall on the floor. I think we passed out a little bit." After the introductions it was time to get down to business. For their battle they were singing "I'm Your Baby Tonight" by Whitney Houston, which had a special place in Kelly's heart. "I actually auditioned to Destiny's Child on this song," Kelly said before singing part of the song and then jokingly added, "I thought I just knew that part, like, back and forth. But it got me in the group." Kelly used her experience in Destiny's Child to help Devon and Maharasyi sing better as a team. Although Devon didn't want Kelly to limit her teaching to just the song, he wanted her and Jennifer as life coaches. "Can y'all fix my life or something? You're so inspirational over there," Devon said while Kelly and Jennifer laughed.