Kelly Osbourne Remembers When Her Dad Would Climb on the Roof and Play Santa

Yahoo Celebrity

Kelly Osbourne recently recalled a Christmas tradition that she’s happy has since been retired. She told Yahoo Celebrity: “My dad [would climb] on the roof of the house with horseshoes and bells attached to him so we would think that Santa Claus was really on our roof.”

You can imagine that the situation caused some anxiety. Kelly said, “My mom was in the other room like, ‘Please don’t fall off the roof!’”

As Kelly got older, though, Ozzy stopped playing the dangerous role of Santa, thankfully. New traditions involve Kelly’s brother Jack’s two daughters: Kelly helps them write letters to Santa. The addition of two younger Osbournes also has a bonus effect for the famously argumentative family. Kelly said, “Actually, they’re like the calming in the storm, because we will not argue in front of them. But then it makes it worse because you go around the corner and you’re like ‘You just said…!’”

If your family gets as heated as Kelly’s does, she’s got a solution: Take a vacation. Yes, take a vacation away from your family during the holidays by booking a hotel. Kelly, who is a spokesperson for the travel app HotelTonight, said, “Especially during Christmas, you need that time to yourself. So you can get away from the drama, recollect yourself, have a hot bath, and get ready for the next day of barraging questions.”

HotelTonight recently conducted a survey in which adult kids ranked “[Posing] opinions I don’t agree with” as the most annoying behavior of their parents during the holidays.

Hear what Kelly had to say about touchy subjects at the dinner table: