Kelly Clarkson Taps Cynthia Erivo for Kellyoke Duet of a Disney Classic

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Kelly Clarkson joined forces with Cynthia Erivo on the Friday, Sept. 23, episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show for a very special Kellyoke duet of Disney’s “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

The pair turned the beloved theme from the original Pinocchio into a jazz-inflected ballad, trading off on the stanzas before delivering chill-inducing harmonies as they sang “Like a bolt out of the blue/ Fate steps in and pulls you through/ When you wish upon a star/ Your dreams come true/ When you wish upon a star/ Makes no difference who you are/ When you wish upon a star/ Your dreams come true.”

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Later in the show, Erivo also served as one of the talk show’s guests, opening up to the host about her coming out journey. “I don’t think I had the language to even know what was going on,” she said of her teenage years. “It’s come much later to me, now, and it’s wonderful to just be … me, really. And think it’s sort of made space creatively to just let go of whatever I was hiding, I guess. You know, you don’t realize you’re doing that, putting so much energy behind it. And once you take the energy away from concealing something that is so a part of you that you can’t hide it, you can put it elsewhere and make more wonderful things.”


Kelly Clarkson kellyoke
Kelly Clarkson kellyoke

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While Clarkson just brought her show back to its home base in Los Angeles after starting season four in New York City, Erivo is next set to star as Elphaba in the big screen adaptation of Wicked opposite Ariana Grande‘s Glinda and Bridgerton heartthrob Jonathan Bailey as Fiyero.

Watch Clarkson and Erivo’s magical Disney duet above.

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