Kelly Clarkson Nearly Walked Off Stage During Embarrassing Interview With Henry Golding: ‘Did I Just Say That?’

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Kelly Clarkson could be feeling a bit embarrassed following a comical incident with Henry Golding last week.

During the April 19th episode of her eponymous talk show, the Grammy winner, 42, and Crazy Rich Asians star, 37, engaged in a discussion about his recent projects and upcoming films.

The conversation then veered towards breakfast foods and took an unexpected, hilarious and suggestive turn that left Clarkson blushing and almost walking off the show stage as Golding chuckled.

Kelly Clarkson Blushes Almost Leaves Her Show Stage After Unintentional Suggestive Innuendo Made To Henry Golding

British actor Golding inquired about the suitability of a pastrami sandwich as a breakfast meal in the United States, and Clarkson responded that it was not a common preference.

“This morning I actually went for a pastrami sandwich,” the Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins alum told the “Since U Been Gone” singer. “Is that, like, a morning thing to do for New Yorkers? No? Okay, so that’s a faux pas?”










Golding went on: "I called my friend and said, 'Oh, I'm having breakfast. I'm getting a pastrami sandwich.' He's like, 'That is the strangest thing. That's weird — meat first thing in the good.'"

The American Idol winner attempted to alleviate Golding's concerns by pointing out the prevalence of meat consumption during breakfast hours. To illustrate her point, Clarkson cited the ever-popular brunch option of steak and eggs.

"Yeah, I don't mind meat in the morning," Clarkson then added. The mom of two swiftly recognized the potential for this to be misinterpreted as a suggestive remark, causing her to immediately regret her choice of words.

Golding then burst into laughter, amused as Clarkson wriggled in discomfort in her chair, her face beet red with humiliation. The "Breakaway" artist grimaced, her resolve wavering as she teetered on the brink of fleeing the stage.

"We gotta get a fan for you, Kelly," Golding quipped. He added: "You're looking a little hot." Despite the circumstances, Clarkson embraced the moment, joking: "Are you serious? Those are the words I chose? I was like, 'Did I just say that?"

Fan Reactions

After the talk show shared the moment in a clip via YouTube, fans headed to the comments section to share their thoughts.

"Brb getting my head out of the gutter! GEEZ KELLYYY!!!" one wrote as another added: "KELLY. GIRL. If I had Henry in front of me I would have said the same." Someone else commented:  "Kelly is like the every day person hosting a talk show...she is so Awesome!!!!~That is why we all love her!"

We couldn't agree more!