Kelli Giddish returning as Rollins for Law & Order: SVU season finale

Kelli Giddish returning as Rollins for Law & Order: SVU season finale
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Kelli Giddish may have handed in her badge and gun when she departed Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a series regular last year, but that doesn't mean viewers have seen the last of her.

EW can confirm that Giddish will reprise her role as former detective Amanda Rollins on the season 24 finale of SVU, as well as on the penultimate episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime season 3.

Not only that, but Rollins' return will feature a major development for the character: When audiences see her again, she'll be pregnant.

Diehard fans will recall that Rollins was shot at the beginning of the season and spent the remainder of her time dealing with the fallout and trauma, ultimately leaving the force to teach at Fordham University. Giddish's last episode as Rollins was the midseason finale in December, which saw her marry Assistant DA Dominic Carisi (Peter Scanavino), her onetime partner and longtime will-they-won't-they love interest.

Kelli Giddish on 'Law and Order: SVU'
Kelli Giddish on 'Law and Order: SVU'

Peter Kramer/NBC Kelli Giddish on 'Law and Order: SVU'

"[Rollins] got a rare happy ending," Giddish told EW at the time. "That's a huge legacy. You won't remember her for like the gruesome way she got murdered. You'll just remember that character went through a whole hell of a lot and they gave her happy ending. That's kind of awesome."

But the actress also left the door open for Rollins to come back. "She's still in New York," Giddish said. "I loved working with everybody that was ever involved with SVU and I know they feel the same about me, so if it works in a storyline or whatever, I don't think the audience would ever hate to see that."

The news of Giddish's return, first reported by TVLine, comes days after NBC renewed all three of its Law & Order shows.

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