Kelis Responds To Beyonce Removing “Milkshake” Sample

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After Kelis called out Beyonce and Pharrell for the use of “Milkshake” on the Renaissance album’s “Energy,” Bey’s team acted accordingly and removed the interpolation. As a result, the BeyHive became frustrated with Kelis, with some Beyonce fans lashing at her on social media.

“This how U look, and u trying to be mad at Beyoncé ???log out Beyoncé made u relevant for 24 hrs cause no one was thinking bout u at least thank her,” one BeyHive member typed.

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“You happy girl? Now u irrelevant again,” another Beyonce fan said.

Kelis responded to some comments and took aim at the Beyhive in the process. The singer-songwriter replied with “won,” called the BeyHive “a joke,” and confirmed, “yes, I am actually [happy]. Lol, nobody cried.”

According to the AV Club, later in the comment section, another Beyonce stan brought up BIA interpolating “Milkshake” on 2021’s”Can’t Touch This,” to which Rogers replied directly.

“[As] I’ve said, it’s all a problem. Every single time. But this was personal on many levels, which people don’t understand, and I didn’t care to go further into. But yes. It is all a problem that I am going to fix,” the singer declared.

Beyonce’s Renaissance also came under fire as the artist used the word “spaz” in her song “Heated.” After social media pointed out Bey’s use of ableist language, her team acted swiftly and stated they would be removing the word from the album.

Renaissance is available now on all streaming services.

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