After Posting Their Recent Physical Transformation, Kehlani Responded To Being Mocked And Body-Shamed On Instagram

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If you're here, maybe you know Kehlani. They're famous for songs like "Nights Like This," "The Way," and my personal fave, "Hate the Club," with Masego.

Kehlani with curled hair, facial tattoos, wearing a dark blazer with a pin
Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for YouTube Beauty

Well, the singer, whose pronouns are she/they, recently took to Instagram to show off the results of their latest body transformation.

Kehlani with long hair and glasses, tattooed shoulders, in front of a wavy patterned backdrop
David Livingston / Getty Images

This is them before.

Woman posing at Beauty Festival with striped shirt and brown trousers, hands on hips
Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for YouTube Beauty

This is after.

It's a fitness journey that Kehlani says has been two years in the making, and all I can say is, "Wow."

I was super impressed with their commitment and the results, but some people started body-shaming Kehlani and saying they were too fit.

Many comments came after they shared one post in particular, showing them in a denim bandeau top and a matching miniskirt, with their abs on full display.

Kehlani performing onstage with a microphone, in a white outfit with prominent tattoos

I won't show the comments, but you can see them below the post here.

Tim Mosenfelder / WireImage

Kehlani ended up seeing them too, because they took to their Instagram story and responded.

Kehlani performs onstage in a bejeweled crop top and denim
Gus Stewart / Redferns

Posting a screenshot of a blog post about the photo, where many readers body-shamed them in the comments, Kehlani wrote, "i always wanted to work out so hard that the entire comments in a blog post is surgery accusations."

Kehlani performs onstage wearing a denim outfit, with a microphone in hand
Gus Stewart / Redferns

"i spoke about having breast implant illness YEARS ago and have never and WILL never be getting a fucking cosmetic surgery ever again in my entire life. ever. i worked for this," the singer added.

Kehlani's Instagram story expressing her decision against cosmetic surgery and pride in her natural body after past experiences

Kehlani then shared a video of their stomach in real time as they continued to refute claims that they got "ab surgery."

Smiling Kehlani lounging, with tattooed arm resting on torso and caption: "can i poke your stomach out w ab surgery? this is a genuine question lmao also whoever named my hernia Herneisha a few years ago, it's been her ever since"

"Ab etching is absolutely insane when I literally have posted in the gym everyday for the past TWO YEARS and in the past months with an entire weighted vest on," they wrote under the comments of the post. Kehlani added that they don't have time for surgery and have an umbilical hernia anyway, making abdominal surgery impossible.

Kehlani responds in a comment denying surgery rumors, highlights gym commitment

They also made it clear that they're not against people getting surgery — it's personally just not for them. "do whatever u want to ur bodies as long as it's safe," Kehlani stated.

They then ended the post with a message on "body recomposition" and "training" before signing off as a "real gym nerd."

Kehlani in a white tank top, numerous tattoos visible, looking off to the side, with superimposed text on the image expressing personal views

IDK why people are even still commenting on other people's bodies. Staying silent is always an option if you don't have something nice to say.