Keanu Reeves Will Return as Constantine

Image:  Warner Bros.
Image: Warner Bros.

We’re horror-heavy this morning, with updates from Chucky and Scream 6. There are also a couple of updates from Star Girl and Diabolical; obviously, superheroes need their due too. Don’t look now, but there’s... a spoiler following you...

Constantine 2

During a recent interview with ComicBook, director Francis Lawrence clarified that though Keanu Reeves is indeed attached to return as Constantine in a sequel to the 2005 movie, a script has yet to be written.

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We don’t have a script, but Keanu, me, and Akiva [Goldsman] who all worked on the first one together have all been trying over the years to get another one going. It’s been tricky because of the DC/Vertigo world and who owns the character and who has control over the characters, trying to get the right people to go forward. We’ve got that now and now we need the story. We’d all love to do it.

Scream 6

Meanwhile, Jenna Ortega stated Scream 6 is “so gore-heavy” audiences will barely notice Neve Campbell’s absence in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

I feel like I can’t really speak too much on that just because it’s not necessarily my character. But I will say there’s so much going on in this next one, that it’s so action-heavy and so gore-heavy that I think you’re gonna be distracted almost.


Nancy and Edward pay a visit to Giselle and Robert in a new clip from Disenchanted.

Official Clip | Disenchanted | Disney+

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Deadline reports Momona Tamada (Claudia on The Babysitter’s Club) and Alyvia Alyn Lind (Lexy on Chucky) have joined the cast of the new Spiderwick Chronicles series at Disney+. Tamada will play Emiko, “a local teenager in Henson” who’s “a member of the out-patient group therapy at the Meskwaki Psychiatric Hospital diagnosed as a pathological liar,” while Lind has been cast as Calliope, “a perfectly normal girl but that is only her exterior. She is in fact a Fetch (a portent of death) who has taken this disguise to be able to stay close to the evil ogre, Mulgarath (Christian Slater), and assist in his quest to find Spiderwick’s Field Guide.”

The Boys Presents: Diabolical

Seth Rogen revealed to Collider that Amazon “bought some scripts” for a second season of Diabolical, but he’s “not 100% sure they will produce them.”

I hope Diabolical comes back. Actually, they bought some scripts for the next season, so we’ve been writing them. We’re not 100% sure they will produce them, but if everything goes as planned, they will produce the scripts that we are writing right now.


Chucky gets exorcised in the trailer for his next episode, “Goin’ to the Chapel.”

Chucky 2x07 Promo “Goin’ to the Chapel” (HD)

Kung Fu

Nicky searches for a soul-reaping sword in the trailer for next week’s episode of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu 3x07 Promo “Villains” (HD) The CW martial arts series


The Icicle makes an unexpected return from beyond the grave in the trailer for “The Haunting,” next week’s episode of Stargirl.

DC’s Stargirl 3x11 Promo “The Haunting” (HD) Final Season


Finally, the cast and crew of Wednesday discuss Nevermore Academy in a new featurette.

Wednesday Addams | Welcome to Nevermore | Netflix

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