Kaylee Bryant Says Goodbye to Legacies After 4 Seasons

Looks like Kaylee Bryant has cemented her CW legacy.

On Dec. 16, after four seasons, Bryant appeared on The CW's Legacies for the last time as a series regular. The 24-year-old actress, who portrayed Josie Saltzman, the twin daughter of Alaric Saltzman and Josette Laughlin that dates Finch, on the Vampire Diaries and Originals spin-off drama since it premiered in 2018, took to Instagram on the premiere date of the episode to express her gratitude to the fans of the series.

"As a fan of The Vampire Diaries universe myself," Bryant wrote. "I am so grateful to the fans and will love them always and forever for welcoming and accepting me into this world."

She continued, "Josie has helped so many beautiful humans feel comfortable in their sexuality, and I hope her legacy lives on so that one day everyone feels free to love whoever they want regardless of gender."

On the episode, Josie bought a one-way ticket out of Mystic Falls, saying goodbye to both the town and her girlfriend, Finch. "When I come back, we can see where you and I are," Josie said to Finch during their emotional farewell.

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Though fans will miss the siphoner greatly, it may not be her last appearance on the series.

In a statement, executive producers Julie Plec and Brett Matthews wrote, "While it's heartbreaking to say goodbye to such a beloved Super Squad member, we wish Kaylee happiness and success. We look forward to watching her career grow in the future, and our door at "Legacies" will always be open to her, because the world is simply a better place with Josie Saltzman in it."

And though she's departing Legacies, on Dec. 1, Bryant announced on Instagram that she would be joining Big Little Lies star Jeffrey Nordling in the new thriller film, The Locksmith.

While we wait for Bryant's movie, we'll be watching Legacies every Thursday on The CW.

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