Katy Perry was shocked that nobody told her about the 'roller coaster' that follows childbirth

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Katy Perry appeared on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she talked about the joy and surprises of motherhood. Perry and fiancé Orlando Bloom welcomed their daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, into the world in August, and the songstress admitted the first few weeks were a shock.

“What I will tell you [is] nobody talks about the first six weeks after you have a baby,” said Perry. “Oh, my God! What a roller coaster!”

As if giving birth wasn’t already a huge undertaking, Perry also dropped her fifth album at almost the same time.

“I was giving birth to the greatest gift of all,” said Perry. “And then my album came out the next day, and I was in the hospital and I could not wipe my own butt.”

Perry’s earlier album releases were always surrounded in pageantry and parties. Celebrating from the confines of a hospital room was not what she was used to, but she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“I was like, this is the most unusual album release day for me,” said Perry. “And I love it!”

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