Katy Perry rips her pants, flashes audience, and has to have her butt taped

On American Idol Monday night, Katy Perry had yet another wardrobe malfunction when she simply laughed too hard.

While being her normal silly self, Perry let out a massive laugh so big that she tore the back of her pants open as she screamed, “Oh, I just split my pants!” Fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan advised Perry to sit still, while they got back to what they were supposed to be doing: giving feedback to Idol contestant Maddie Poppe.

Once they were finished, Perry immediately yelled, “My pants!” And just like her previous wardrobe malfunction, which happened during the audition rounds, Perry had no problem flashing everyone in the room. As she stood up and turned her backside to the audience and cameras, Richie immediately jumped up to cover her behind. Perry then proceeded to ask someone to tape her butt.

In the end, with wardrobe to the rescue, it was all well and good when Katy got her Perry-ère taped.

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Check out Katy Perry taking a tumble and flashing Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan:

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