Katy Perry Gets Naked Because She Really Wants You to Vote

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In case you haven’t noticed, celebrities are going to great lengths to encourage us all to vote in the upcoming presidential election. But Katy Perry has taken her message to the next level.

After announcing on Instagram Monday that she had plans to use her body as clickbait to change the world, the pop star showed everyone what she was talking about Tuesday morning. In partnership with Rock the Vote, the celeb-supported nonprofit created to encourage America’s youth to get out there and make a difference come election day, Perry did a video for Funny or Die to share her, um, unique voting tips.

Titled “Katy Perry Votes Naked,” the clip starts innocently enough, with Perry waking up (at 10 a.m. according to the alarm clock she swipes off her nightstand) sporting a rat’s nest hairdo and patriotic pajamas. She explains importance of election day … and then it gets weird.

“I’ve got some great news,” she says cheerily. “This year, you can look like s*** when you vote.”

With that, Perry heads down to the polls and parades past a lineup of similarly dressed morning warriors, decked out in facemasks and bathrobes, all eager to cast their votes. Perry supports their fashion choices, saying, “In the name of democracy, any just-out-of-bed look is A-OK!”

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After running down a selection of PJ choices — “hunk in briefs,” “sleeping beauty,” and “covered in slime” — Perry, 31, decides to take things one step further.

“Or, if you’re like me,” Perry says as she rips off her PJs with flourish. “I sleep naked. Yep, let those babies loose! ’Cause…”

This, of course, is when the police interrupt, cuffing her to take her away (while random voters in the background flail and walk into things because they’re so focused on Perry’s bare bod.)

Even though Perry winds up in jail for her unique take on voter self-expression, the message is clear: get out and vote on Nov 8. Just make sure you wear clothes.

Perry isn’t the first celeb to drop her drawers or use varying states of nudity to encourage people to do their duty on election day. In 2014, Lena Dunham shared a topless photo to raise awareness for the midterm elections, surrounding her partnership with Planned Parenthood.

Final one…

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

Back in the ’90s, Rock the Vote counted on Madonna to bring their message to America’s young voters in an ad campaign that saw the singer dance and pose in red lingerie, wrapped in an American flag.

And then, of course, there’s writer and director Joss Whedon’s promise that actor Mark Ruffalo will do full frontal in his next movie if we all get out and vote — but not for Donald Trump.

Please excuse us — we need to get out and register. Like, immediately.