Katie Holmes’s Shirt Pocket Was a Mini Work of Art

Katie Holmes’s Shirt Pocket Was a Mini Work of Art

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Typically, Katie Holmes’s style is quite understated, with a single, artful piece that totally shifts the entire look—be it a pair of elongated shoes or paint-splattered pants. Today, the Dawson’s Creek alum proved that even a shirt pocket can be treated like it belongs on a museum wall.

While walking the streets of New York City, Holmes was spotted wearing a white gaucho-style top from Danish fashion house Munthe. The ethos of the brand is to merge fashion with art, and that was certainly evident in the top Holmes chose.

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The stark, powder-white design looked like a piece of Pop art, with black strings tracing the edges, making the shirt look like it was outlined. Then, there was the front pocket, which looked like a piece of art all in itself. On the patch was a painting of a donkey standing in a stark landscape with reins attached to its head, and it evoked expressionism and fauvism with its use of color and emotion.

Holmes paired the eye-catching top with navy blue trousers and white loafers. She also carried a caramel-brown crossbody bag, which had a golden lock closure on the front. Finally, she accessorized with a stack of golden necklaces and oversize black sunglasses.

This Nordic-inspired shirt was a switch-up for Holmes, who has really been embracing denim as of late. Just a couple of weeks back, she was spotted on the streets of Manhattan giving an update to the ’70s-esque double-denim uniform, only days after she wore a studded denim trench. We should know by now that Holmes can never be kept in a box.

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