Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Supposedly End the Relationship They Didn’t Want Us to Know They Were Having

Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx (Getty Images)
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are done doing whatever they were doing. We think. (Photos: Getty Images)

If they never actually acknowledged it, did it ever really happen?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have ended their relationship, according to several reports. The New York Post’s Page Six says the split, after three years together on the down low, was caused by Foxx’s refusal to go public with their romance as he “wants to continue to act like the carefree guy he is in public.” Apparently, Katie questioned whether he was “committed enough to the relationship.”

The coupling of FoxxKat has been a Hollywood mystery as it’s one of the most secretive celebrity romances in recent years. The beautiful brunette became acquainted with the Oscar winner through her husband, Tom Cruise, who co-starred with him in 2004’s Collateral Damage. In 2006, Katie, attending an NFL game with Cruise, was photographed smiling while talking to Foxx on the sidelines.

EAST HAMPTON, NY - AUGUST 24: (PREMIUM PRICING APPLIES) katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx perform at the 4th Annual Apollo In The Hamptons Benefit on August 24, 2013 in East Hampton, New York. (Photo by Shahar Azran/WireImage)
It was Katie and Jamie dancing their hearts out at a benefit in the Hamptons back in August 2013 which first got people talking. (Photo: Shahar Azran/WireImage)

Fast-forward to August 2013. Katie, 37, and Jamie, 48, both attended a benefit in the Hamptons. Lenny Kravitz was performing and the pair, which was seated at the same table, got up to dance their buns off. They were so cozy she was sipping from his cocktail. Romance rumors quickly swirled, but Foxx straight up denied them, saying they were “100 percent not true.” (Foxx notably said in 2012: “I like to stay quiet, you know, with anyone that I’m dating; that I’m really,really dating.)

There was speculation that Cruise was somehow related to their decision to keep their romance quiet, but that was all just chatter and never verified.

EXCLUSIVE: **PREMIUM RATES APPLY** Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are seen holding hands in a photo taken in February 2015. Pictured: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Ref: SPL978227 220315 EXCLUSIVE Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York:212-619-2666 London:870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com
In February 2015, someone sneaky snapped this grainy photo of them holding hands. (Photo: Splash News)

In early 2015, a sneaky ole shutterbug captured a photo of Katie visiting Jamie in a recording studio — and they were holding hands. People mag was able to verify through sources that they had been dating for over a year, but the majority of it was at his L.A. home, where they would “spend hours together.” (Interestingly, it was around this time that Katie and Suri briefly moved back to L.A.; they have since returned to NYC full time.) Though another source also told the mag that it was “not some intense romance” and “they’re not about to run off and make some serious commitment.”

Snyder mingles with celebrities Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx on the sidelines before a Redskins-Vikings game. Snyder revels in his presence in society columns, but he still covets his privacy and smolders with anger about shots he has taken from the media.
Katie and Jamie go back as far as 2006 when they were both on the sidelines of a Redskins-Vikings game. She was Tom Cruise’s plus-one — and married him that year. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Despite the insistence that it was casual, the rumors didn’t stop. In March, it was reported that they were engaged or had gotten married when he started wearing a gold ring around and she was sporting a new diamond ring on that finger. Foxx had his rep deny the story. Pregnancy rumors followed, which her rep called “categorically untrue.”

The pair were so serious about the secrecy of their romance that when his friend Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Claudia Jordan accidentally confirmed the relationship during an interview, she was quickly apologized, saying she “misspoke.”

So where did all that secrecy get them? Well, there aren’t a billion photos of them splashed all over the Internet now that they’ve parted ways. (Just three!) Having gone through one of the biggest breakups in the history of Hollywood (RIP, TomKat), we can see that being something Holmes wanted to avoid repeating. We can’t say we blame her.